Enlightened Low-Calorie Ice Cream: Pints, Bars, and Beyond

Jul 15 2020
Warm weather means it’s time to cool off with a frozen sweet treat! No matter what your nutritional goals are, our friends at Enlightened have a feel-good dessert for you. Their better-for-you ice cream checks all the boxes: decadent flavors, perfectly creamy texture, and impressive stats. Take a look at their MASSIVE lineup below!

Ice Cream Classics!

Low-Calorie Pints and Bars ⭑ over a DOZEN delicious flavors
⭑ low in calories and sugar (as few as 70 calories and 3g sugar per serving)
⭑ high in protein and fiber (MUCH more satisfying than the competition)

Flavor Spotlight: The Vanilla Dark Chocolate Almond bar! With a crunchy chocolate coating, just 150 calories, and 5g protein, it’s the perfect sweet treat you need!

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Non-Dairy Decadence!

Dairy-Free Pints and Bars ⭑ made with rich & creamy almond milk
⭑ low in calories and low in sugar
⭑ incredible texture & taste

Flavor Spotlight: Monkey Business! Banana ice cream with peanut butter and chocolate… AND it comes in both pints and bars!

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Brand-New for Summer!

Fruit Infusions Bars 70 - 80% less sugar than standard fruit pops (3 - 5g per bar!)
Just 60 - 90 calories each
made with real fruit and adaptogens for added benefits

Flavor Spotlight: Strawberry + Chill! The special herbal add-ins are known to promote relaxation, relieve stress, and elevate your mood.

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Low-Carb Collection!

Keto Pints and Bars ⭑ Just 1g net carbs & 1g sugar or less
⭑ rich taste and texture
⭑ over a dozen indulgent varieties

Flavor Spotlight: P.B. Cookie & Brownie Dough! Pints of vanilla ice cream with peanut butter, chocolate chips, brownie dough, AND peanut butter cookie dough. WOW.

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And Coming Soon… A Mystery Treat!

Enlightened is launching a BRAND-NEW PRODUCT next month. We can’t tell you what it is, but we can tell you it’s a low-calorie treat that can be enjoyed over ice cream or on its own… and that it’s often baked but delicious raw! Doughn't miss your opportunity to be among the first to be notified AND receive an exclusive Hungry Girl discount…

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Chew on this:

July is National Ice Cream Month! You know how to celebrate…

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