The Best Light Ice Cream in the Freezer Aisle: Less Sugar, More Protein

Jul 7 2021
We all scream for Enlightened Light Ice Cream! Keep reading to find out why... then claim your coupon, and RUN to your store’s freezer aisle.

Enlightened Light Ice Cream Pints

2/3 cup: 90–130 calories, 2–6g total fat (1–3g sat. fat), 50–220mg sodium, 20–27g carbs, 7–10g fiber, 5–11g sugars, 6–8g protein —  SmartPoints® value 3–5*

Our favorite ice cream is back, and it’s better than ever! The serving size may be larger, but you can still eat an entire pint for just 280–400 calories. Enlightened does light ice cream like nobody else… Their lineup features a DOZEN whimsical and decadent flavors that are loaded with delicious ingredients, not sugar and fat! With add-ins like dough bites, peanut butter swirls, and chocolate chunks, it’s impossibly indulgent and better for you than traditional ice cream.


Why These Pints Reign Supreme…

Soft and scoopable, right out of the freezer: Thanks to recent recipe changes, Enlightened Light Ice Cream remains perfectly creamy from first to last spoonful.

SUPER impressive stats: It has up to 80% less sugar, 75% fewer calories, and 90% less fat than full-sugar ice cream… but sacrifices nothing in taste!

Better for you than most frozen yogurts: Frozen yogurt has a healthy rep, but it’s often just as high in sugar as regular ice cream.

So many amazing flavors: From classics to flavors of your wildest dreams, Enlightened has it all! We’re especially crazy for the Brownies & Cookie Dough (a perfect combo), Caramel Fudge Pretzel (creamy & crunchy!), and Salted Caramel Cookie (swirls of caramel and cookie pieces)… YUM.


Mark Your Calendars for a LIVE Ice Cream Party with Lisa!

Tomorrow, 7/8, at 5pm PT/8pm ET, Lisa’s going LIVE on the Hungry Girl Facebook page to talk and taste all things Enlightened Light Ice Cream! Tune in for…

⭑ A look inside the latest pints
⭑ Fun trivia with BIG prizes (including FREE ice cream)
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… and so much more. Save the date!

Coupon Time: A Deal to Indulge In!

Whether you’re a longtime lover of Enlightened Ice Cream or new to the party, now’s the time to stock up. Click here to find Enlightened products near you. But before you hit the store…


Chew on this:

July is National Ice Cream Month! What better reason do you need to try every flavor of Enlightened Light Ice Cream?

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