Healthy Dinner Shortcut: No Ingredient Chopping, No Cleanup, Cheaper Than Groceries

Sep 25 2019

World's Easiest Meal Kits!

Fresh and Easy is a BRAND-NEW line of meal kits that takes easy to the next level. All the ingredients are prepped and measured… Just pop them into the included baking pan or grill pack, and let the oven or grill do the rest! All delivered right to your door. It’s a timesaver, a money saver, and the easiest way to get a healthy meal on the table in minutes!

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And keep reading for more reasons we love Fresh and Easy…

1. No Prep, No Mess

Put away the cutting board and mixing bowls… Every Fresh and Easy ingredient comes portioned out and ready to cook. No slicing, no dicing, no measuring!

Forget about those hard-to-clean pans in your cabinet. Every meal comes with its own oven pan or grill bag. There are even 5-minute entrée salads that don’t require any cooking!

2. Healthy Meals Customized for YOU

Input your dietary preferences, and Fresh and Easy will present the perfect meals for you. There are even Calorie-Conscious and Carb-Conscious kits! And with the Customize It feature, you can easily switch out or double your protein.

The ever-changing menu is filled with DELICIOUS choices. This week, we’re loving the oven-ready Tuscan Chicken (ready in around 30 minutes), Roasted Red Pepper Spinach Salad (under 300 calories), and Chipotle Cherry Bone-In Pork Chops (with cheese-topped green beans)!


3. Cheaper than the Grocery Store

It’s true: Fresh and Easy meals can actually save you money. By sending you the exact ingredient quantities you need for each meal, you won’t overspend on unused ingredients.

How much less expensive? A whopping 65% cheaper! An independent report found that cooking with Home Chef (Fresh and Easy’s parent brand) costs less than HALF, on average, than shopping for the same ingredients at the supermarket (including shipping!).

For a Limited Time, Get $80 Off!

There’s no better time to give meal kit delivery a try. Use code HGFRESH80 for an $80 Fresh and Easy discount ($20 off each of your first four boxes). That means you get eight of these incredible meal kits completely free of charge.


New customers only. Cancel at any time. Expires 10/2/19.

Chew on this:

Well, would you look at that? Today, September 25th, is National Cooking Day. Take the easy route with Fresh and Easy!

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