Frozen Desserts Under 200 Calories: Ice Cream, Fruit Pops & More

Jul 3 2019 Hi Lisa,

It’s hot as heck out here, and I want to dive face-first into a carton of ice cream! I love Enlightened ice cream pints, but I’d like to try some other fun & freezy treats. What’ve you got?

Sweatin’ in Sarasota Hi Sweatin’ in Sarasota,

I keep my freezer stocked with low-calorie desserts year-round, but I find myself reaching for the chilly treats more often this time of year! In addition to those Enlightened pints we both love, here are over a dozen more delicious finds that will cool you off without breaking the calorie bank…

When Chocolate Met Fruit

How do you make fruit taste even better? Cover it in chocolate! These freezy, fruity bites are incredibly indulgent, and they come in resealable bags or pre-portioned packs for guilt-free snacking…

Dairy-Free Delights

Calling all lactose avoiders! You can still enjoy a creamy frozen dessert, thanks to these coconut, cashew, and almond-based offerings. (Even if you DO eat dairy, these treats are worthy of a spot in your freezer!)

Perfection on a Stick

I really love a portion-controlled pop. There’s one for every craving: fruity, creamy, chocolatey… even birthday cake!

Unexpected Frozen Finds

These picks defy traditional frozen dessert trends… The smoothie bowls are perfect for breakfast. And the mochi, well, I promise not to tell if you eat those for breakfast…

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It’s July 3rd, a.k.a. National Eat Your Beans Day. Fire up that slow cooker, and make these baked beans for this weekend’s festivities!

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