5 Genius Tips for Fast Fitness

Feb 7 2018
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I’d like to tone up my body, but I don’t have a lot of time to devote to exercise. Is it pointless, or is there a fast and easy way to get fit?

Entry-Level Exerciser
https://d2gtpjxvvd720b.cloudfront.net/assets/emails/answer@2x-5ee5d524b01e4c5483f379894f2fa825.png Dear ELE,

It’s definitely not pointless! And while it's not my area of expertise, my buddy Robert J. Davis, PhD (a.k.a. the Healthy Skeptic) has a GREAT book called Fitter Faster: The Smart Way to Get in Shape in Just Minutes a Day. Here are a few fantastic tips according to his (very sound) advice...

Embrace barrier-lowering workouts.

There are a lot of reasons NOT to exercise every day. Not enough time, not enough money for a fancy gym membership, not enjoying the process or being bored with it... I could go on and on! Robert’s book recommends working around those obstacles. Look to short workouts that can be done at home or outside; no elaborate equipment required. And focus on choice and variety, meaning you should choose the types of exercise that appeal to you... then mix it up!

Alternate intensity with light activity or rest.

High-intensity interval training, a.k.a. HIIT, allows you to get a beneficial workout in a short time. The premise is that you go all out for a quick burst of time, followed by something low-key. Then repeat! This can actually be more effective than a traditional long-form workout. AWESOME. And Robert has a whole workout plan in his book, complete with explanations and photo demos!

Don't be afraid of weight & strength training.

It's not just for meatheads, people! These exercises can help counteract the loss of muscle and bone strength that naturally happens as we age. (UGH.) And don't worry: You won't transform into a bulky bodybuilder overnight. Lifting medium-sized weights will just tone you up and add definition. Bonus: The more muscle you build, the better your body will become at burning fat.

Prioritize protein.

To gain muscle, your body needs the right building blocks. And when it comes to muscle, that means protein! Make sure you're getting enough from smart sources: chicken breast, lean ground turkey, seafood, eggs, reduced-fat dairy, and lean cuts of pork and beef. (The quickest way to get recipes using those items? Use the search bar on the Hungry Girl website!)

Practice self care to avoid slowing down your progress.

If you push too hard and don't give your body what it needs -- sleep, hydration, a good warmup, etc. -- you could hurt yourself. And if you hurt yourself, you'll be forced to hit the bench, and you won't be able to make progress toward your goals. So don't rush into anything. Start your workout with some light aerobics and stretches, pay attention to your form, and listen to your body. Easy does it -- you'll get where you want to be soon enough!

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You've got this!

Bonus: FACEBOOK LIVE Chat with Robert tomorrow!

Head over to the Hungry Girl Facebook page tomorrow (Thursday, 2/8) at 3pm PT/6pm ET for a Facebook Live event with Lisa and Robert! Hear more about his “get fit in minutes per day” exercise philosophy, ask him your burning fitness questions, and more. We’ll even be giving away prizes at random! Set yourself a reminder, and BE THERE!

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