Housewalking: The Easy Way to Burn More Calories Every Day

Jan 6 2016
In today's "Small Changes, Big Results" upgrade, we're dishing on one of our absolute favorite calorie-burning activities -- Housewalking! This one's a game changer...

Housewalking 101

What's Housewalking? Quite literally, it's walking around your house whenever possible. Think about how often you find yourself sitting around throughout the day. Even if it's just for twenty minutes here and there, it adds up. Those are calorie-burning opportunities! And Housewalking isn't just for houses: Try it in your apartment, your office (or any workplace)... wherever.

Why do it?

We've all heard it's a good idea to aim for 10,000 steps per day. Doing so is great for our bodies; it can speed up weight loss or help you to maintain your current weight. It’s also a fantastic intro to calorie burning if you consider "exercise" to be a four-letter word. But stepping your way to that seemingly arbitrary number can seem boring and even impossible if you're not all that physically active. That's why Housewalking ROCKS. It gives you a fun and realistic way to reach that goal. It’s like an awesome little challenge you take on every day. Plus, you don't need to go to the gym or commit a chunk of the day to do it.

4 Steps to Housewalking Success

Step 1: Get a pedometer or fitness tracker. In order to track your steps, you'll need one of these handy little devices. Here at Hungryland, we LOVE the Fitbit. It syncs with your phone, tracks your steps and calories burned, and stores each day’s steps so you can monitor your progress. Great investment, and they start at around $60. But a fancy fitness tracker is NOT a necessity for Housewalking. An inexpensive pedometer will do the trick just fine. And, these days, most smartphones have step counters! If you own an iPhone, check out the Health app. Heads-up: If you use your phone as your step tracker, make sure to carry it with you at all times. (That's why we prefer our Fitbits!)

Step 2: Track your steps for a day.

Just like you'd weigh yourself the first day of a diet, it's a good idea to see where you're starting in the steps department. Don't stress out if the number is low... It's just a jumping-off point!

Step 3: Step it up, 500 steps at a time.

Say you racked up 4,000 steps on your first day. Aiming for 10K the next day might be a bit aggressive, and you don't want to end up discouraged. So set a goal of increasing your steps by 500 each day. Totally manageable. Even if you only clock 3,000 steps on Day 1, you'll be up to 10,000 in just two weeks!

Step 4: Start Housewalking.

There's no wrong way to Housewalk. The trick is to do it anytime you find yourself sitting around. Soon, it'll become second nature. Need some inspiration? Check it out...

16 Ways to Housewalk

Walking in place totally counts (and makes the most sense in many of these scenarios)!

1. While talking on the phone.
2. While waiting for dinner to finish cooking.
3. While brushing your teeth and mouth-washing.
4. While waiting for the commercial break to end.
5. While texting.
6. While checking your email on your phone.
7. While waiting for your hair to air dry.
8. While watching your favorite show.
9. While listening to an audiobook. (We've got one!)
10. While browsing the Internet on your phone.
11. While waiting for your nails to dry.
12. While reading a book or magazine.
13. While listening to music.
14. While watching videos on YouTube.
15. While scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed.
16. While reading Hungry Girl :)

Remember, walking in place is best for many of these! If you walk into the couch while reading your email, you won't be able to do much Housewalking the next day...

Chew on this:

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