Inside Lisa's Amazon Cart: Face Mask Jewelry, iPhone Wallet & More

Nov 4 2020 Hi Hungry Girl,

I'm looking to do some retail therapy, and I always appreciate your finds. What’s currently in your Amazon cart? And what have you gotten recently that's making you happy? I'm always interested to hear about how people are getting extra boosts of joy these days...

One-Click Wendy Hey Wendy,

I’m on Amazon every single day… Sometimes the little things really make a big impact! And when it comes to my current Amazon cart, I have a few repeat purchases just waiting for me to hit "Proceed to checkout"...

Face Mask Holder Chain Necklace

This is like jewelry for your face mask! I have it in gold and love it, so now I’m buying it in silver. (Gotta coordinate!) The chain necklace attaches easily to the straps of your face masks, and you can also attach the included plastic loops to turn it into a chain for your sunglasses. Cute AND convenient! Who says masks can’t be stylish?

UNITE 7Seconds Detangler Leave-In Conditioner

This is my go-to hair detangler. As soon as my current bottle is running low, I'll buy another. I don’t ever want to run out! It works FAST and it helps to protect hair from UV and heat damage... Amazing!

ZVE iPhone 11 Pro Wallet Case

This case is SO stylish and convenient, and it's inexpensive too. It's got a zippered credit-card section, a wallet pocket that snaps closed, and it all attaches to your phone. You can even add the strap and wear it like a purse or a wristlet! I have it in my cart to give as a gift, but I can’t say for who… They might read this!

Adorox Black Velvet Necklace Stand

Here’s my go-to necklace holder… I have many! I'm ordering another one for my collection because it's the best way to avoid a tangled mess of jewelry. And do you ever dig through your necklace collection and think "I forgot I even had this!"... because it was stuffed in a drawer and buried under other necklaces? Storing them on a stand like this is also a great way to keep your favorite pieces from going out-of-sight-out-of-mind.
Happy shopping!

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