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Jun 23 2021
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My husband and I love dining at Mexican restaurants (a lot!), but I have a feeling I could be making better choices. Any tips?

Mindy Loves Mexican Food
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I love Mexican food! And there are so many healthy & delicious options available at most restaurants. Check it out…

Starters. That never-ending basket of tortilla chips can be a pretty heavy start to your meal. If your dining mates don't mind, ask the waiter to skip the chips. That doesn't mean you need to skip appetizers, though! My #1 choice is ceviche. It's generally just fresh seafood in citrus juice with veggies and herbs. Also great: a zesty broth-based soup!

Ensalada. That's Spanish for salad, and there's usually at least one on the menu. If it's a tostada/taco salad, request it on a plate instead of inside a fried tortilla shell. Get it topped with grilled chicken or shrimp. If you want to shave off some calories, skip the cheese and tortilla strips, but enjoy the black beans, corn, and veggies. Instead of salad dressing, I like salsa or pico de gallo. YUM!

Fajitas. Choose the chicken and/or shrimp and ask (nicely) if it can be prepared with less oil. And I’m all about the black beans, shredded lettuce, and chopped tomatoes on the side! Stuff two corn tortillas to the brim, and eat the rest of the veggies and protein with a fork...

The guacamole 411. It is made from avocados, which are very healthy, but it’s also fairly calorie dense. Stick to a couple of spoonfuls on your meal — plenty of flavor in that!

Double-stuff tacos. One of my favorite Mexican food tricks is to order a taco platter (without cheese), and then transfer the insides of some tacos into two others, so I'm left with two GIANT tacos!

Margarita makeover. Sure, half of the fun of Taco Tuesday can be the margaritas, but I have a hack to slash the sugar! Bring along a packet of sugar-free lemonade drink mix. (I like Wyler’s Light and True Lemon.) Then order a tequila and water or club soda (tonic has nearly as much sugar and calories as soda) with a lime wedge. When it arrives, stir in some drink mix to taste. Instant sugar-free margarita! And remember to drink a glass of water after each alcoholic beverage to keep you hydrated.

Host your own fiesta! Here at HG, we've been whipping up better-for-you Mexican food for ages. Check out our recipes for tacos, fajitas, and other Mexican-style favorites! You can also DIY with a few key ingredients. Snag some shredded reduced-fat cheese, high-fiber/low-carb flour tortillas (like the kinds from La Tortilla Factory) or corn tortillas, light sour cream, beans, and lean protein like skinless chicken breast or extra-lean ground beef (96% lean). My pantry is always packed with Ortega products — so flavorful and convenient!
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Chew on this:

June feels like a slightly odd pick for Turkey Lovers' Month, but here we are! To stay on theme with today's picks, enjoy this Turkey Taco Salad

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