Lisa’s Nighttime Tips for Weight Maintenance

Feb 20 2019 Hi Lisa,

I loved reading about your morning routine! Do you have an evening regimen as well that helps you maintain your weight? I want your tips for every time of day!

Hungry After Dark Hi Hungry After Dark,

Thanks for your email! While I don’t have a strict nighttime routine, I do have a few healthy habits that I try to stick to every evening. Here goes!

Set a Stop-Eating Time

I tend to avoid eating after about 7 or 8pm. I’ve found that the later it gets, the more likely I am to mindlessly snack. Plus, I feel WAY better the next morning when I stop eating earlier in the evening. If I’m staying up much later than usual, I’ll sometimes treat myself to decaf coffee or a low-calorie hot cocoa!

Make a Post-Dinner Plan

Having an after-dinner plan is a smart way to prevent mindless munching. Taking a walk, reading a book, calling a friend… All good options! My favorite evening activity is to wind down with an episode of Dateline, but if you associate TV time with snack time, find something that keeps your hands busy!

Brush Early

Not your hair, silly, I’m talking about your teeth! Brushing your chompers (or chewing mint gum, if you’re out) is a really effective craving killer. It makes any food a lot less appetizing! If the mint wears off and you get hungry, you can always brush ‘em again. Brush, don’t eat… repeat!

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

This one is so important. I’ve noticed that on days when I’m sleep deprived, I’m crankier AND hungrier. Operating on a poor night’s sleep makes it harder for me to make healthy choices. And it’s not just me -- studies show that sleeping less can actually increase your appetite. If you have an iPhone, try using the bedtime option on your Clock app. It’ll help you get to bed on time!

Chew on this:

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