All About Peloton Biking + Bonus Recipe

Aug 2 2017 Hi Lisa,

I'm stuck in an exercise rut! Public classes are intimidating and inconvenient, but my home elliptical is just collecting dust (and laundry). What are you doing these days for physical activity?

Workout Weary Hi Workout Weary,

I used to be all about walking on my treadmill while watching TV. But I got a little bored with that and was looking to change things up! I discovered the world of Peloton biking and have become OBSESSED. I've always been petrified of spin classes (and public exercise!), but I'd heard such incredible things about Peloton that I decided to give it a shot. I had my bike delivered and was on it within the first hour. Now, I'm on that thing 4 - 5 times a week! Here are a few things I love about my Peloton...

It's not just a bike; it's a full-on studio experience!

The bike is connected to the Peloton app, which offers live and on-demand classes. You get an entire studio at your fingertips! Classes range from 10 minutes to 2 hours, and the variety is amazing. Themes, skill levels, live DJs… My favorites are the '80s music and groove rides. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!

I'm a stay-at-home rider.

I love that I can roll out of bed and hop onto my bike or squeeze in a class after coming home from work. It fits my schedule PERFECTLY. I love the idea of group exercise, but sweating with strangers has never been my thing! Now I do it on my own time, on demand, but I throw in a LIVE (not pre-recorded) ride every now and then just for fun.

The instructors bring motivation to a new level.

My favorite instructors are Cody Rigsby, Jenn Sherman, and Jennifer Jacobs, but ALL the Peloton instructors are AMAZING. They're so inspirational! The rides are led from the Peloton studio in NYC. And during live rides (there are up to 14 of 'em daily), the instructors give shout-outs to celebrate milestones (like birthdays and hitting a certain number of rides). It's interactive, fun, and encouraging! (I have a personal goal of making it to the studio in NYC to take my 100th ride LIVE and in person when I'm on my book tour for Clean & Hungry OBSESSED!)

It's the perfect way to challenge yourself.

The bike keeps track of your stats, both overall and during each ride. I love seeing how many miles I ride, what my heart rate is, and how many calories I burn. You can also see how you compare to other riders... A little friendly competition is good motivation! I'm never near the top, but I just enjoy the process and keep pedaling!

The social community ROCKS.

The online Peloton community is awesome! I love the support I get from fellow riders. I even developed an energizing snack to share with my Peloton peeps in our Facebook group: my Triple Chocolate Pelo' Pancake Poppers! (BTW, my Pelo' name is "Hungry Girl" in case you're a rider and wanna follow me!)

HG FYIs... The Peloton bike isn't cheap. But it's a great investment in your health and fitness. If you already spin regularly, you know that in-studio classes can be pricey too; it's a good trade-off, and the monthly membership is reasonably priced! If you've never tried spinning, attend a few cycling classes before deciding if Peloton is right for you. You can also try the Peloton app without the bike... Just use your own stationary bike! And by the way, this content is NOT sponsored by Peloton... I just love it and want to share that love with you. Hope to ride with you soon!

If you get a Peloton bike, tell 'em Hungry Girl sent you! There's a refer-a-friend program. Just use code QF887F, and we both could be eligible for savings on accessories… So cool!

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