6 Diet Myths That Are Actually True

Aug 12 2020
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I feel like there are so many diet myths floating around… I never know what to believe! Can you please help clarify… Are any of them actually true?

Myth-Blast Me
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You’re right… There’s no shortage of wacky myths and false info in the diet world. I’d love to keep things positive today and tell you about six myths that ARE actually true! Read up…

Getting enough sleep could help with weight management.

It can be hard to prioritize a good night of sleep, but if you're trying to drop pounds, you could be doing yourself a disservice by burning the candle at both ends. This study of more than 2,000 people linked sleeping less than 7 hours per night with a higher body mass index. Makes sense to us. Who doesn't feel extra cranky and prone to make poor food choices when they haven't gotten enough sleep? Train yourself to get to bed earlier; set an alarm on your phone to go off about an hour before you want to get to bed to remind you to start wrapping up your day.

Drinking water can help you lose weight.

While H2O isn't going to straight-up "flush out" the bad stuff, there is real evidence to support the claim that water is a weight-loss aid. For example, one study found that dieters who drank about 17 oz. of water before meals lost more weight in 12 weeks than the control group. Possible reason as to why? Sometimes, your body thinks it's hungry when it's really just thirsty. Stay hydrated throughout the day to banish those imaginary hunger pangs. Have trouble getting enough H2O? Click for tips.

Eating slowly could help you lose weight.

It comes down to this: It takes about 20 minutes from the time you start eating for your body to register that it's been fed and send out signals of fullness. Many studies have found this to be the case. And chances are, you'll stop eating once you feel full. So take your time while you eat. Savor and enjoy your meal! Then savor the resulting number on the scale...

The human body fights against maintenance after weight loss.

It can't all be good news. This study made headlines when researchers looked into the frequency with which contestants on The Biggest Loser gained back the weight they'd worked hard to lose. The culprit they found is metabolic adaptation, which means the body responds to weight loss by burning calories more slowly. The contestants studied exhibited this metabolic slowing even years after their big weight loss. The takeaway? No resting on your laurels once you hit your goal weight. Get maintenance tips here.

Probiotics could help you drop the pounds.

There are lots of healthy foods with probiotic properties (think yogurt and sauerkraut), and a 2016 study has found that good bacteria could help you reduce your weight. After looking at 20 different studies with 25 trials, researchers found evidence that probiotics help people lose weight and lower their body mass index. So if the number on the scale won't budge, consider adding a good supplement to your daily diet, particularly one that includes multiple probiotic species.

Eating better can improve other areas of your wellbeing.

Changing your diet isn't just about fitting into your skinny jeans. We're talking about overall health here, and studies have found that cutting back on the junk can upgrade your wellbeing in various ways. Improved sleep, better moods, less tension, and improved relationships were all reported from a group of test subjects on a calorie-restricted diet over a 2-year period. Can't argue with that… Take care of yourself!

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