The Best Phone Apps for Weight Loss: Calorie Tracking, Water Logging, and More

Jan 30 2019 Hi Hungry Girl,

One of my New Year’s resolutions (is it too late for resolutions?) is to get better at tracking my daily calories, water, and steps. Do you have any suggestions for the best phone apps to help me out?

App-Happy Diane Hi Diane,

It’s never too late for healthy resolutions! And your smartphone is a great tool. Here are a few apps for iPhone and Android that we LOVE here at Hungryland. Download a few, and see what works for you! (Bonus: They’re all FREE.)


iPhone: 4.7 stars, 490,000+ reviews
Android: 4.6 stars, 1.9 million+ reviews

Almost the entire Hungry Girl staff uses this food journal app, and with good reason! It’s an easy way to track your food intake and all the nutritional information that comes along with it: calories, fat, carbs, etc. Start with a calorie goal, and add your food throughout the day. You can select from a list, create a recipe, or use your camera to scan any product barcode for on-the-go tracking. Save your favorite foods, and create meals for easy adding in the future.


iPhone: Unrated
Android: 4.2 stars, 50,000+ reviews

Podcasts serve two purposes when it comes to healthy living: They’re great entertainment while you exercise, and they can be packed with lifestyle tips & tricks! Of course, my top recommendation (shameless plug) is Hungry Girl: Chew the Right Thing! Each food-centric episode is around 30 minutes and tackles a different topic: jump-starting your diet, food swaps, no-cook meal ideas, dining out… There are almost 40 episodes so far, so check ‘em out! I also love The Chalene Show and (although it has NOTHING to do with food or health) Dirty John.


iPhone: 4.1 stars, 40,000+ reviews
Android: 3.9 stars, 400,000+ reviews

I’ve been using this one FOR YEARS. And get this: You don’t even need a Fitbit tracker! Use the app on its own to track basic activity like steps and water intake. Better yet, sync it with a Fitbit Tracker for a more detailed picture: calories burned, active minutes, and more. Compare data from week to week to see how you’re doing! I love how it stores all your info in one place.


iPhone: 4.7 stars; 14,000 reviews
Android: 4.5 stars, 6,500+ reviews

This app was recommended by Hungry Girl staffer Katie. Unlike some other tracking apps, this one PAYS you for logging food, water, exercise, and more. You get $10 for every 10,000 points. (Katie made $40 last year… Go, Katie!) If you’re already in the habit of tracking your food or steps, this could be a fun way to make a few extra bucks in the process. Give it a try!

Drink Water Reminder

iPhone: 4.5 stars, 30,000+ reviews
Android: 4 stars, 80+ reviews

Hydration is important, but it’s easy to forget about. Enter this amazing app. Personalize the recommendations by adding your weight, climate, and typical wake-up time. The app will then remind you to drink water throughout the day to help you hit the goal. You can customize the alerts (so excessive phone buzzing doesn’t drive you crazy). Watching that digital water bottle change as you hit your daily ounces is sooo satisfying...

Bonus: iPhone Apps & Hacks!

Clock: Did you know there’s a bedtime feature that can help you go to sleep on time? GENIUS.

Health: Your phone’s Health app will track your steps as long as you carry it with you… Who knew?

Calendar & Reminders: Schedule your workouts, and set reminders so you don’t miss one. You can even use reminders to prompt you to stand up, walk around, or drink some water.

Homepage Hack: Visit, click on the box with an arrow at the bottom of your phone, and select “Add to Home Screen.” It’s like having a Hungry Girl app, where you can search recipes and view the latest!

P.S. Check out the Hungry Girl Diet COMPANION App! It was developed as a companion to The Hungry Girl Diet. (You need the book to use the app.) It allows you to track meals & snacks on the diet plan and build shopping lists for ‘em too! Get more info on the book AND the app here.

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