Work-from-Home Amazon Finds: Pajama Sets, Ergonomic Footrests, Keyboard Cleaners & More

Oct 14 2020 Hi Hungry Girl,

I've been working from home since March, and your healthy food finds have definitely come in handy! I’m wondering if you have any other suggestions that could make my at-home workdays a bit more comfortable and enjoyable.

Work-from-Home Wendy Hi Wendy,

You are sooo not alone… and even after all this time, working from my kitchen table is still an adjustment from office life! I decided to check in with Hungry Girl staffers to see what products have been improving their at-home work worlds. And if you want to see my favorite items for at home and beyond, click here for my personal Amazon lists!

Get classy pajamas.

As HG writer Dana says, “These are like the business-casual version of loungewear!” It can be tempting to resort to a ratty t-shirt and sweats when you’re working from home, but putting on a fresh set of snazzy PJs will help you feel a little more put together while still staying comfy. This set comes in a slew of vibrant colors and has over 3,000 Amazon reviews with an average of 4 1/2 stars. I also love this sporty set: The top looks just like some of my favorite shirts!

Find slippers with sturdy soles.

HG kitchen manager Erin points out that “slipper season is upon us… even for those of us in LA where it still feels like summer!” These Skechers slippers strike the perfect balance of comfy and practical. With nearly 10,000 reviews, they’re cozy enough to enjoy wearing indoors but sturdy enough that you can pop outside and grab the mail. Plus, the rubber sole means no sliding on floors indoors. (Take THAT, socks!)

You need a grown-up sippy cup.

Nobody wants to spill coffee on their laptop, but accidents can happen. (Just ask Hungry Girl VP and podcast sidekick Jamie!) This impossibly stylish cup literally has you covered. The silicone sleeve protects the glass tumbler, which can handle both hot and cold beverages. There are so many colors to choose from, and if it breaks in the first year, the company will replace it free of cost. Yay for that!

A footrest can really help your sitting posture.

Anyone doing a lot of sitting could probably use one of these. In addition to helping you sit up straight, longtime HG staffer Lynn points out it helps with circulation. This adjustable Ergofoam version was named the Best Under-Desk Footrest of 2020 by the New York Times -- that's some serious cred! Put your feet on the firm side if you need added stability, or rest them on the squishy side for extra comfort.

Give your shoulders a break.

Another downside of all that computer time: neck & shoulder tension. (Podcast Mikey is really feeling it these days.) Enter this Sharper Image shoulder wrap. Heat it in the microwave, and let the relaxation begin. You can also put it into the freezer for cooling, if you have inflammation to calm down. It's infused with aromatherapy herbs for a spa-like experience.

Clean your dirty keyboard.

Cleaning between keys and in all the cracks 'n crevices on your computer can be difficult, which is why this Amazon's Choice magic blob is essential. (Erin’s a huge fan!) Just knead the cleaning gel, press it onto the surface you need to clean, and then the dust and bits will lift up on the gel. You can use it over and over again, and it smells like lemons. Thanks, magic blob! (Okay, it's not called Magic Blob, but it should be.)
Happy shopping!

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