Amazon Food Finds: Low Carb, Low Sugar

Apr 26 2023
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Let's get to it! In this week's Hungry Girl: Chew the Right Thing podcast, Lisa & the gang taste-tested a ton of fun Amazon food finds, many of them extra low in carbs and/or sugars. Read up on some of our favorites here, then listen to the podcast for the full scoop on these AND MORE! (P.S. Subscribe to the podcast so you never miss an episode.)

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Miko Brand Instant Miso Soup, 30% Less Sodium

1 packet: 20 calories, 0.5g total fat (0g sat. fat), 470–480mg sodium, 2–3g carbs, 1g fiber, 1g total sugars (1g added sugars), 1g protein
WW Points® value 0–1*
Just-add-water miso soup packets are such a smart pantry staple, and this line is above & beyond! There are five impressive flavors in the well-priced variety pack: Fried Bean Curd, Wakame Seaweed, Tofu, Spinach, and Green Onion. They’re all loaded with tasty inclusions (not just broth) and full of flavor. Bonus: 30% less sodium than leading brands! Order from Amazon, or find them at Asian supermarkets.

Modern Mountain Flour Company Keto Pizza Crust

1/12 package (18g mix): 45 calories, 1.5g total fat (0.5g sat. fat), 115mg sodium, 11g carbs, 10g fiber, 0g total sugars (0g added sugars), 3g protein
WW Points® value 1*
This mix makes a great pizza crust or flatbread! It comes out rather pita-like, which we love, and it tastes homemade. A prepared serving of crust (1/12 of a large pie) has just 55 calories and 2.5g fat (WW Points® value 1*). You could even use just half of the package to make two smaller pies. Order from Amazon or the Modern Mountain Flour website.

Mr. Tortilla 1 Net Carb Tortillas in 3 Chiles

1 tortilla: 15 calories, 0.5g total fat (0g sat. fat), 40mg sodium, 3g carbs, 2g fiber, 0g total sugars (0g added sugars), 1g protein
WW Points® value 0*
We’re fully impressed by these petite & seriously spicy tortillas! They’re the ideal size for street tacos, very thin, and very delicious. If you can’t stand the heat, try these three other flavors! Or spring for the Variety Pack to try them all. Also available on the Mr. Tortilla website.

FlatOut CarbDown Olive Oil & Sea Salt Flatbread

1 flatbread: 45 calories, 1g total fat (0g sat. fat), 160mg sodium, 14g carbs, 9g fiber, 0g total sugars (0g added sugars), 4g protein
WW Points® value 1*
Yes, it's ANOTHER reduced-carb bread product! We're longtime fans of FlatOut—who remembers the FlatOut Hungry Girl flatbreads? This product is like an oval-shaped tortilla that's not super thin, and the texture is chewy and pliable. We just know it would be amazing toasted! Also try the Light Spinach variety. Order on Amazon, or click the Store Locator button on the product page to find them near you.

Carb0licious Low Carb Melba Toast in Onion & Garlic

About 4 slices: 70 calories, 3.5g total fat (0g sat. fat), 105mg sodium, 3g carbs, 2g fiber, 0g total sugars (0g added sugars), 7g protein
WW Points® value 1*
Get ready to freak out like we did over these crunchy crackers. The blend of flaxseed meal, almond meal, and vital wheat gluten means extra protein with a low carb count. Dress them up with cheeses and spreads, or enjoy them solo as a delightful snack. Also available in Plain and Sea Salt. Find them on Amazon and other online retailers.

Tillamook Country Smoker Zero Sugar Original Smoked Sausages

3 sticks: 120 calories, 9g total fat (5g sat. fat), 400mg sodium, 0g carbs, 0g fiber, 0g total sugars (0g added sugars), 9g protein
WW Points® value 5*
If you love meat snacks like we do (a lot), order these mini dried sausages immediately. There's no sugar in the seasoning, but the flavor is missing nothing. And the texture? Thumbs up. Buy some on Amazon, or find them at Target, Walmart, and supermarkets nationwide.

Joyride Uncommon Candy

1.7-oz. bag (about 10–22 pieces): 60–80 calories, 0g total fat (0g sat. fat), 85–95mg sodium, 37–39g carbs, 18–20g fiber, 0–3g total sugars (0–3g added sugars), 0g protein
WW Points® value 3*
The field of naturally sweetened gummies with low or no sugar is getting wider… This new lineup is spectacular! These are sweetened with natural options like allulose, stevia, cane sugar, etc. The assortment in this bundle includes Sour Fruit Gummies, Sour Gummy Worms, Fruity Gummy Bears, and Peachy Mango Rings. They're nice and tart, which we love, and the packaging is cute! Grab some from Amazon, or click to find them in stores.

Wiley Wallaby 1G Sugar Very Berry Natural Strawberry & Raspberry Flavored Licorice

3 pieces: 60 calories, 0g total fat (0g sat. fat), 40mg sodium, 22g carbs, 5g fiber, 1g total sugars (1g added sugars), 0g protein
WW Points® value 2*
Last but in no way least, it's the new sugar-slashed licorice from one of our favorites, Wiley Wallaby. The headline here is twofold: YES, three pieces have just 1g sugars (thanks to stevia and allulose), and OMG, the texture! Sooo soft and unbelievably pillowy. Sink your teeth into this licorice ASAP. Order from Amazon, or find it at Target, Walmart, and other select retailers.

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