Healthy Amazon Food Finds: Vegan & Gluten-Free Bars, Bone Broth Concentrate, Green Juice Mix

Mar 25 2022
As seen this week on a special Facebook Live edition of Hungry Girl's Snacks & Hacks One-Stop Shopping Show, here are THREE terrific food finds & deals you need to scoop up ASAP. Then be a good friend, and share this info with people you like!

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Say YES to Clean & Delicious Snack Bars!


Prepare to fall in love with a new line of snack bars… YES Bars are out of this world! Their deliciousness cannot be overstated (SO GOOD!), and they’re made with the finest quality ingredients—nuts, dried fruits, seeds, spices, and more. This is the kind of nutrition-packed indulgence you can feel good about. They're 100% plant-based, vegan, paleo, diabetic-friendly (no refined sugars), and certified gluten free. Bite into one with your morning coffee, or toss one in your bag for an anytime snack. And with flavors like these, they're totally dessert-appropriate: Dark Chocolate Chip, Salted Maple Pecan, and more. Try out all six flavors in this sampler—how else will find your favorite?

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 And save up to 40% when you buy in bulk (no code needed)!

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The Miracle Ingredient You’ll Flip Over!

Zoup! Good, Really Good® Culinary Concentrates™

Broth concentrate is an ingredient that can take you from "There's nothing to eat!" to "I'm making something delicious!" in a snap. And the best lineup out there is Zoup! In varieties like Chicken Bone Broth, Beef Bone Broth, and Savory No-Chicken Vegan Broth, these 10–15-calorie concentrates translate into wholesome broth with incredible flavor and no unimpressive filler ingredients (like artificial flavors, preservatives, and added sugar). In addition to being superstar soup starters, these concentrates add phenomenal flavor to stir-fries, casseroles, dips, and more. And Zoup!'s premium products have more protein and less sodium than other brands. Plus, a single jar makes up to 10 quarts of restaurant-quality broth!

Code: 30HUNGRYMAR. All products eligible. Expires 4/1/22.

Sippable Supplements to Feel Your Best!

Organifi Original Green Juice Superfood Dietary Supplement

This convenient green juice mix outshines store-bought juices bigtime! The nutrient-packed powder comes in both grab & go packets and multi-serving canisters. Mix with water for a refreshing power beverage! It's been found to support immunity, decrease cortisol (stress hormones), AND reduce cravings. All that, and only 30 calories and 1g sugar per serving. Lisa’s been drinking it regularly for months, and she's noticed a serious boost in her energy. Pro tip: Add a splash of citrus for fantastic flavor! Sip your way to well-being…

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