Amazon Finds & Deals: Air-Fryer Accessories, Kitchen Gadgets & More

May 13 2022

Hooray! It's time for another round of Amazon finds. Check out the goods, and get ordering…

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"Alexa, Let's Make Dinner!"

Amazon Echo Dot

This just might be THE go-to gadget your kitchen is missing. For the hands-free help you need, consider Alexa your robot sous-chef…

⭑ Set timers while you cook without any button pushing
⭑ Add foods to your grocery list (before you forget)
⭑ Ask for help converting measurements: "How many tablespoons is 1/2 cup?"
⭑ Stay entertained with great music—it always makes cooking more fun!

The real question is what DOESN’T Alexa do? (Answer: dishes.)


Happy Air Fry'day!

LOTTELI KITCHEN Reusable Silicone Air Fryer Liners 3 Pack

At this point, there's a good chance you have an air fryer—they are so great! We love to crank out new recipes using the handy countertop appliance, and we’re also on the lookout for great accessories. These perforated silicone liners not only make cleanup a breeze, but they also protect the fryer basket from wearing out too soon. They're dishwasher safe and a great reusable alternative to parchment paper liners! The 9" size fits most round air fryers, and you can also trim them if they don't fit! Got a square air fryer? Check out these liners!


Get Ready to Grill!

Topoint Dual Probe Food Thermometer (57% Off!)

Whether you're grilling indoors or out (or just roasting meat in the oven), a good meat thermometer is essential. This one has a touch screen that stays out, away from the heat, while the probes go into the food. No need to lose heat by opening & closing the grill or oven—just check the temp on the screen for doneness! It even has smart alarms you can choose from to alert you when your meat hits the right internal temperature. With summer on the way, this is a solid find for just about $10.


Indoor Grilling Must-Have!

Cainfy Round Grill Pan with Lid (30% Off!)

For indoor grilling, this thing has it ALL. The nonstick ceramic-coated aluminum grill pan is stovetop & oven safe. It also comes with silicone handles (so you won’t burn yourself moving it), and the lid has a silicone edge for a secure seal. It's got a 4.5-star rating and currently costs less than $30! And let’s be honest, grill marks make everything better…


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