Best New ALDI Finds: Strawberry Bruschetta, Chicken Sausage, Tender Jerky

Feb 17 2020

Spotted on Shelves… ALDI Edition!

Specially Selected Strawberry Balsamic Fresh Bruschetta Topping

2 tbsp.: 20 calories, 1g total fat (0g sat. fat), 20mg sodium, 3g carbs, 0g fiber, 2g sugars, 2g protein -- SmartPoints® value 1*

If your condiment game could use a refresh, consider this bruschetta topping the change you need. We've never had anything quite like it! So unique, so fresh… It's a great way to zazzle up some simple chicken breast or give your healthy salad some extra flair. We might even toss it in the blender to make a fruity vinaigrette! Find it in the fridge section of you-know-where.

Simply Nature Organic Pesto Chicken Sausage

1 link: 80 calories, 2.5g total fat (0.5g sat. fat), 500mg sodium, 0g carbs, 0g fiber, 0g sugars, 12g protein -- SmartPoints® value 1*

HOORAY for delicious new chicken sausage! These fully cooked links are flavorful but mild and under 100 calories a pop. NICE. The basil flavor pairs perfectly with Italian-style dishes. We used these to whip up some sausage & peppers in marinara, sprinkled with Parm. Yum! Grab a pack from ALDI's fridge section.

Simms Artisan Jerky Spicy Garlic Pork Jerky

1 oz.: 80 calories, 1.5g total fat (0.5g sat. fat), 310mg sodium, 6g carbs, 0g fiber, 6g sugars, 11g protein -- SmartPoints® value 2*

New favorite jerky alert! We love a delicious snack at a great value, and this is IT. The jerky is super soft and tender. The flavor is a little sweet and slightly tropical with a hint of heat. Mmmmm! We’ve seen similar-size bags from other brands go for THREE times the price. Stock up now…

Hungry for Even More ALDI Finds? Tune In…

Lisa & the gang taste-tested over a dozen items from ALDI -- the above selections are just the tip of the tasty iceberg! Most of the finds were under $3, so the value is unbelievable. Listen in and take notes as Lisa, Jamie, and Mikey try…

⭑ citrus sorbet in champagne flutes -- perfectly portioned!
⭑ an incredible seafood dish (just heat & eat)
⭑ fully cooked chicken stuffed with cheesy broccoli
… and so much more.

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And that’s all we’ve got. ‘Til next time… Chew the right thing!

Chew on this:

Today, February 17th, is National Café au Lait Day. Sounds fancy, but it just means "coffee with milk" -- have you tried banana almond milk in your coffee yet? Do it!

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