Healthy Costco Food Finds: Spaghetti Squash with Plant-Based Bolognese, Ready-to-Eat Risotto, Grilled Chicken Bites

Jul 1 2021

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On this week's Hungry Girl podcast, we tried oodles of items from the one & only Costco. Before you complete your grocery list, check out these standout products…

A La Carte Spaghetti Squash with Plant Based Bolognese

7 oz.: 180 calories, 12g total fat (1.5g sat. fat), 310mg sodium, 6g carbs, 3g fiber, 6g sugars, 5g protein — SmartPoints® value 6*

Hooray for precooked spaghetti squash! (We love it, but we don't always have the time or energy to cook it.) These big, beautiful squash halves come with a meatless Bolognese sauce for a terrific (and LARGE) side dish. The squash is perfectly cooked, the sauce is savory with just a hint of sweetness, and the meatless crumbles really do taste like beef. Find it in the refrigerator case.

Organic Fra’ Mani Chicken Risotto with Spinach & Lemon

2/3 cup: 190 calories, 6g total fat (1.5g sat. fat), 440mg sodium, 23g carbs, 1g fiber, 1g sugars, 12g protein — SmartPoints® value 5*

Here's another heat-n-eat side dish or meal starter: fully prepared risotto with chicken and veggies! This dish has perfect comfort-food appeal with its tender rice, dreamy flavor, and just the right amount of citrus. The taste is fresh and the overall effect is deeply satisfying. Find it at select Costco locations.

Fresh Additions Ready-To-Eat Fully Cooked Chicken Breast Bites

1 pouch (91g): 130 calories, 3.5g total fat (0.5g sat. fat), 430mg sodium, 3g carbs, 0g fiber, 0g sugars, 21g protein — SmartPoints® value 2*

We will never have too many options for precooked protein. These single-serving pouches are great if you're on the go OR if you just want to casually throw together a healthy meal. The chicken is fire-grilled and the texture is juicy & just right... Use it for salads, stir-frys, or even a quick snack. Find it with the other refrigerated prepared meats.

Get Even More Costco Finds in This Week's Podcast!

Before you lock in your grocery list, listen to the new episode of Hungry Girl: Chew the Right Thing! Lisa, Jamie, and Mikey tried out a bunch of really unique Costco finds, including…

⭑ cheddar-infused chicken burgers
⭑ crispy pickle chips
⭑ portion-controlled birthday cake in a jar
… and so much more!

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