Best Light Ice Cream: Low Sugar, Low Calories, Great Flavors

Jul 26 2022
It's always time for an Enlightened Ice Cream party! Our go-to frozen dessert brand is all about putting the joy into your healthy routine… and by "joy" we mean "ice cream!" Featuring natural low-calorie sweeteners for low-sugar treats that never skimp on taste—party on, Enlightened!

Enlightened Light Ice Cream: Better Than the Rest!

2/3 cup: 120–130 calories, 3.5–6g total fat (2–3.5g sat. fat), 60–250mg sodium, 25–31g carbs, 8–9g fiber, 6–10g total sugars (1–6g added sugars), 6–8g protein

WW PersonalPoints™ value 4–6*

⭑ Fewer Calories, Less Sugar, Natural Sweeteners. Because Enlightened cracked the code on just the right blend of real cane sugar with natural low-calorie sweeteners (allulose, erythritol & monk fruit), their ice cream tastes sweet & delicious with 70–80% less sugar than ordinary ice cream… and no aftertaste!

⭑ Decadent Flavors, Packed with Goodies. We're always blown away by the generous dose of gooey swirls, crunchy bits, fudgy brownies, etc. that they manage to pack in and still keep the calories low.

⭑ Scoopable Pints Without the Struggle. We've all fought a too-firm pint of ice cream… then put it in the microwave and microwaved it for too long. Enlightened has perfected their texture so that their ice cream is soft & scoopable straight out of the freezer.


Get to Know the Flavors: Featuring Lisa’s Favorites!

Brownies & Cookie Dough – “Always a favorite. So many gooey chunks of cookie dough and brownies!!!” 

Salted Caramel Cookie – “I’m a huge fan of caramel, and this one hits it out of the park for me!”

Kookie Dough – “I’m obsessed with this incredible blue ice cream. I couldn’t love it more!!! So much fun and so delicious.”


Two Ways to Try Them…

From the Grocery Store Freezer Aisle – Get these tasty pints in your hands as quickly as possible. Click to locate Enlightened near you. You can even search by flavor!

Delivered Straight to Your Doorstep – Stock up, and enjoy the pints for months! This is the easiest way to try the exact flavors you’re after. HG tip: Choose the Light Pint Variety Pack + one additional pint to unlock free shipping!

Join Lisa on Facebook Live Tonight (Insane Prizes, Free Ice Cream!)

Love ice cream AND trivia? You CANNOT miss tonight's super-fun, interactive Facebook Live event. Imagine an ice-cream themed game show (Scoop of the Century? The Ice Is Right?), hosted by Lisa, and you're a contestant! We're giving away some of our biggest prizes EVER, so join us on Facebook at 5pm PT/8pm ET for all the fun. Lisa will also be tasting all the flavors and giving you the scoop!

Missed the live event? You can still watch after!

Chew on this:

Did you know that today, July 26th, is National Coffee Milkshake Day? Blending up some Enlightened Coffee Toffee Light Ice Cream is the way to go!

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