The Best Low-Sugar Ice Cream: Decadent Flavors and Add-Ins

Jun 29 2022
Nobody does light ice cream like Enlightened, and now the brand has gone above and beyond with its low-sugar offerings. It’s almost National Ice Cream Month (aka July) so read up, stock up, and eat up!

New Look, New Flavors!

Enlightened Light Ice Cream

We’re LOVING the recent makeover these pints have received, shining the spotlight on those decadent flavors! Speaking of flavors, meet the crave-worthy newbies…

Kookie Dough – Cookie Monster’s dream! Rich & creamy vanilla ice cream in a pretty blue hue, studded with chunks of chocolate chip cookie dough and Oreo-like cookie bits. Mmmm…

Chocolate P.B. Crunch – Richer-than-rich chocolate ice cream packed with fudge-covered peanuts and fat swirls of peanut butter. Indulgence to the max!

Coffee Toffee – Creamy coffee ice cream is so delectable we’d eat it solo. But we don’t have to, because it’s bursting with fudge-covered bits of toffee!

Chocolate Caramel Pecan Crunch – Velvety chocolate ice cream loaded with gooey caramel and crispy pecans. Tastes like a caramel pecan brownie.


More Reasons to Love It!

Enlightened Light Ice Cream

2/3 cup: 130 calories, 3.5–6g total fat (2–3g sat. fat), 70–230mg sodium, 25–31g carbs, 8–9g fiber, 6–11g total sugars (1–7g added sugars), 6–8g protein
WW Points® value 4–6*
70–80% less sugar than regular ice cream. We don’t know HOW they did it, but they did! Just the right amount of cane sugar is paired with natural no-calorie sweetener to create a delicious, sweet treat with no aftertaste.

Soft & scoopable right out of the freezer. No more waiting for a rock-hard pint to soften or microwaving it and accidentally melting the whole thing. Enlightened has the perfect creamy texture that’s always ready when you are.

Cram-packed with goodies. Fudgy brownie bits, salted caramel, chocolate-covered pretzels… We’re always amazed by how many hunks of these yummy extras we get in each scoop!


Don’t Stop There… Finish Things Off!

Sugar-Free Cones & Sugar-Free Syrups

Sugar-Free Cones – Crunchy, sweet, and the perfect home for your next scoop! Each cone has just 30 calories and 3g net carbs (WW PersonalPoints™ value 1*).

Sugar-Free Chocolate and Caramel Flavored Syrups – Gooey, thick, and delightfully rich, these magical sauces are perfect ice cream toppers. They’re also great over fruit and in shakes & coffee drinks! A mere 20–25 calories and 1g net carbs per tablespoon, with no sugar in sight (WW PersonalPoints™ value 1*).


Ready, Set, SHOP…

Use the handy store locator to track down Enlightened in a freeze aisle near you. We love that we can search for the exact products and flavors we’re looking for! Rather shop from the comfort of your own home? Stock up online and get free shipping on orders $75+!


Chew on this:

It's almost July, National Ice Cream Month. As if you needed an excuse to devour some Enlightened light ice cream…

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