Our Favorite Amazon Kitchen Essentials: Milk Frother, Water Bottle Cleaner, Salad Spinner

May 18 2020

Spotted on Amazon... Kitchen Essentials (Staff Favorites!)

Zulay Kitchen MilkBoss Electric Milk Frother

This handheld gadget is a personal favorite of Lisa’s and several HG team members, especially now that we're working from home. (Translation: We can no longer share the frother at the office, so we each ordered one.) It whisks milk into foam in seconds, and it's also useful when you’re mixing any dry powder into liquid. Prepare to get REALLY GOOD at making DIY lattes...

Bottle Bright Natural Cleaning Tablets

It's borderline impossible to scrub the inside of those reusable water bottles, and the folks behind Bottle Bright really rose to the challenge. Just drop a tablet into the bottle with some water, and it cleans like magic -- no scrubbing required. Bottle Bright was a hit on Shark Tank and it’s a hit at Hungryland! HG staffer Lydia tried it after we first featured it, and now she uses it ALL the time.

OXO Good Grips Salad Spinner

Anyone else washing their produce more thoroughly now than ever before? Join HG staffer Dana and get on Team Spin with this best-selling salad spinner! Ideal for lettuce, spinach, kale, and more. Add your greens to the basket, rinse them well, and then spin out the excess water. You'll have ready-to-eat produce in no time. Bonus: The outer bowl works great on its own as a big serving bowl. OXO, you've done it again!

HUGE NEWS: The Latest Issue of Hungry Girl Magazine Is Back in Stock!

We’ve received SO MANY requests from fans looking to get their hands on the Winter 2020 issue of Hungry Girl magazine, but up until recently, it’s been out of stock. Well, we’re thrilled to share that the issue is NOW AVAILABLE for online ordering, and shipping is FREE! With 70+ easy & delicious recipes, this beautiful keepsake issue is a FAN FAVORITE. Featuring…

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⭑ Air-Fryer Recipes
… and so much more!


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