Frozen Greek Yogurt Bars, Healthy Vegan Soups, Hershey Slashing Calories & More

May 1 2017

Spotted on Shelves…

Nona Lim Soups

6 oz.: 45 - 130 calories, 1 - 9g total fat (0 - 5g sat fat), 95 - 390mg sodium, 8 - 12g carbs, 1 - 4g fiber, 2 - 3g sugars, 1 - 4g protein -- SmartPoints® value 1 - 5*

Winter's over, but that certainly doesn't mean we're abandoning soup. We recently fell for this vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO line. There are nine varieties, from tasty Carrot Ginger to creamy Thai Green Curry. Each pouch contains two slightly small servings, but we're perfectly happy to eat both servings at once. Click to locate.

Litehouse Mango Habanero and Sriracha Lime Dressing, Sauce & Marinades

2 tbsp.: 20 - 25 calories, 0g total fat (0g sat fat), 170 - 200mg sodium, 5 - 6g carbs, 0g fiber, 5g sugars, 0g protein -- SmartPoints® value 1*

We're always excited when the dressing pros at Litehouse add new flavors to their tasty repertoire. This time, they're bringing the heat! In Mango Habanero and Sriracha Lime, these condiments are super versatile: add them to chicken, fish, veggies, salads... whatever! Find them in supermarkets nationwide. 

New Flavors: Yasso Frozen Greek Yogurt Bars

1 bar: 100 calories, 2 - 2.5g total fat (1 - 1.5g sat fat), 35 - 65mg sodium, 16 - 18g carbs, 0g fiber, 14g sugars, 5g protein -- SmartPoints® value 5*

Yasso's single-serve frozen Greek yogurt treats are out of this world! And just look at the newest flavors the yummy bars come in: Toffee Caramel Chocolate Chip, Black Raspberry Chip, and S'mores. Did we mention they have only 100 calories each, plus a nice punch of protein? Ahhhh!! Click to locate.

This Week's 3 Things to Know…

You'll never guess who is planning to slash calories… The Hershey Company!

This is pretty fascinating: The candy company has pledged that by 2022, 50 percent of its standard and king-size candy portfolio will consist of individually wrapped items with 200 calories or less. (Right now, about 31 percent of the portfolio meets this benchmark.) And by the end of next year, all these products will feature front-of-pack calorie labels. Talk about progress!

Save cash and eat healthy... Spring produce is here!

Spring is here, and seasonal produce is IN. By purchasing spring fruits and veggies, you'll get the best-tasting stuff, frequently at markdown prices. (The savings are due to an abundance of inventory, a result of seasonal crops.) We're talking asparagus, snap peas, spinach, and one of our very favorite fruits: mango! Click on the previous links for recipes worth making right now.

McCormick says Good Morning to breakfast-ready products!

Don't settle for a bland breakfast! McCormick has been spicing up our lives since what seems like the dawn of time, and the brand is gearing up to take your breakfast from YAWN to YAY. Coming soon: breakfast seasonings and breakfast toppers (ready to zazzle up yogurt and oatmeal bowls), slow-cooker breakfast seasoning mixes, and smoothie boosts (think Jamba Juice, DIY edition). Stay tuned to your daily emails for product reviews...

Chew on this:

Today is May Day (May 1st), but it's also National Chocolate Parfait Day. Brownie Crumble Yogurt Bonanza? Don't mind if we do!

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