Healthy Amazon Live Food Finds & Deals: Organic Fairtrade Chocolate, Meat Snack Sticks, Sleep Supplement Powder

Dec 7 2023
We’re feeling a little hungry… for deals on better-for-you food finds + healthy supplements! Time for an Amazon Live: Tune in tonight (12/7) at 5pm PT/8pm ET for the latest episode of Hungry Girl's Snacks & Hacks One-Stop Shopping Show. We have some amazing new finds, plus Lisa will be LIVE with trivia, giveaways, and more! Visit to watch at showtime, and keep reading to get the jump on today’s discounts...

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Must-Have Organic Chocolate: Bars & More!

Hu Kitchen Organic Fairtrade Chocolate Bars

Go Hu for the holidays! Show people you care (and treat yourself!) with the good stuff: DELICIOUS organic fairtrade chocolate made with wholesome ingredients. The Dark Chocolate Bars and Grass-Fed Milk Chocolate Bars are made with unrefined coconut sugar and NO refined sugar, sugar alcohols, or palm oil. They come in a slew of decadent varieties, some filled with NUT BUTTER. So rich, so delicious, so satisfying. For your holiday snacking needs, try Hu’s Hunks (tasty chocolate-covered almonds and cashews) and Gems (dark chocolate morsels that also melt well when baking). Both are great bite-sized treats!
Code: 25HUHOLIDAY. All products linked to are eligible. Expires 12/14/23.

Two (No-Sugar) Protein Sticks Are Better Than One!

Nick’s Sticks

Satisfying grab & go snack alert! These SUPER-TASTY snacks are made from 100% grass-fed beef and free-range chicken or turkey, and they’re perfect pantry staples for the busy holiday season. Hand-crafted in small batches, each vacuum-sealed pack has TWO sticks per serving with 10–15g protein and just 75–120 calories. Everything you want and nothing you don’t: No sugar, antibiotics, hormones, gluten, nitrates, artificial colors, or MSG. We love that each stick is bursting with delicious flavor and packs the perfect tender texture. Tons of varieties to choose from: Original Turkey, Spicy BeefCheck them all out here! Bonus: Their grass-fed beef has LESS saturated fat and MORE omega-3s than regular beef. We suggest ordering the variety pack so you can discover your new favorite ASAP…
Code: 20hungry4NS. All products eligible. Expires 12/15/23.

Prefer to shop in-store? Click here to locate Nick’s Sticks near you!

Say Goodbye to Bad Sleep with This Sweet Sugar-Free Treat

Beam Dream Powder

Have you tried Beam’s healthy hot cocoa that lulls you to sleep and leaves you feeling refreshed in the morning? We have, and we’re here to say: IT WORKS! Dream powder is chock full of beneficial ingredients like reishi mushroom (manages stress), magnesium (relaxes muscles), L-theanine (helps sleep quality), and melatonin (regulates the body’s circadian rhythm), and it supports all four stages of the sleep cycle with no next-day grogginess. Just mix and enjoy before bed to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. Did we mention it comes in delicious flavors like the NEW Brownie Batter (Lisa’s favorite!), Chocolate Peanut Butter, and Mint Chip? Each serving has a mere 15–20 calories and zero sugar! When you get good sleep, you feel more focused and less stressed, and you have a stronger immune system. Invest in better sleep!
Code: HUNGRYGIRL30. All products eligible. Expires 12/14/23.

Bonus offer: Order from the Beam site for up to 50% off. Discount automatically applies at checkout. 20% off single purchases. 50% off subscriptions for the first month. (Cancel anytime.) Expires 12/10/23.

Season of Gift Giving: Finds of the Day!

Women's Cable Knit Hat and Scarf Set

Super-cozy vibes, and for less than $13? Yes, please. It’s highly rated, and you can score the hat & scarf duo in five different colors. (The Hot Pink and Mint Green are both VERY Hungry Girl, and something about the Snow White version gives us major Hallmark-movie vibes!) Get a set for yourself, your pals, and anyone else who might need to warm up this season…

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