Healthy Choice Flatbread Pizzas: High Protein, Cauliflower-Blend Crust

Jan 13 2023
Eating healthy in the new year just got easier, thanks to Healthy Choice! Don't compromise taste or nutrition with this better-for-you line of delicious flatbread pizzas…

Your New Go-To Freezer Staple!

Healthy Choice Flatbread Pizzas

1 pizza: 350–380 calories, 8–10g total fat (2g sat. fat), 580–600mg sodium, 48–55g carbs, 4g fiber, 6–8g total sugars (3–6g added sugars), 18–20g protein
WW Points® value 10–11*
Here's to Healthy Choice, makers of chef-created healthy meals with gourmet flavors and fresh-tasting ingredients that go from your freezer to your face in minutes! This new line of frozen pizzas delivers exactly what you want: restaurant-inspired flavor without compromising on nutrition. Eating healthy doesn't have to be bland, and these pizzas are proof! Find them at retailers nationwide…
While supplies last.

4 Reasons to Stock Your Freezer!

Don't listen to anyone who says in order to be healthy you have to give up pizza! Healthy Choice Flatbread Pizzas have SO much going for them…

1. Crispy Crust – Made with a blend of cauliflower, wheat, and barley, these crispy crusts are not only nutritious but also have just the right texture.

2. Portion-Controlled Perfection – Each impressively sized flatbread pizza is a single serving, making portion control a breeze.

3. Packed with Protein – 18–20g of protein per serving… Can your standard slice do that?

4. A Truly Delicious Experience – It’s all thanks to premium, flavorful ingredients: savory sauces, tasty toppings, and that delightfully tasty crust!
Just select your desired flavor to see local retailers.

Three Must-Try Varieties!

Pick up one of each: You know you need to taste them all…

Turkey Pepperoni Flatbread Pizza: Dig into lean & flavorful turkey pepperoni with Parmesan and reduced-fat mozzarella, all over a bed of garlic-herb tomato sauce. Hello, yum!

Chicken Sausage Supreme Flatbread Pizza: As major chicken-sausage fans, we can't get enough of this healthy twist on a classic supreme pizza. All the flavor you expect, but way better for you.

BBQ Seasoned Chicken Flatbread Pizza: Our soft spot for BBQ chicken pizza is a perfect match for this tangy-sauced creation. Diced chicken, red onion, bell pepper, reduced-fat mozzarella… So good!

Savings Alert!

Get a money-saving coupon for Healthy Choice Flatbread Pizzas, while supplies last! Find the pizzas at retailers nationwide: Click to locate. (Select your desired flavor to see local retailers.)

Chew on this:

January is National Fiber Focus Month. Did you notice that each of today's pizzas contains 4g fiber? True story!

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