Healthy Slow-Cooker + Air-Fryer Recipe Cookbook

Feb 1 2023
It's come to our attention that some of you might not know this: There’s a Hungry Girl cookbook ENTIRELY devoted to both slow-cooker recipes AND air-fryer creations! As in the first half is 100 slow-cooker recipes, and the second half is 100 air-fryer recipes… YES, REALLY.

Get to know Hungry Girl Simply Comfort. It’s our latest cookbook, and it’s a must-own, loaded with entrées and so much more. BONUS: The book includes details on how to make ANY recipe in the oven, so no worries if you don’t have an air fryer and/or a slow cooker. We’ve got you!
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The Slow-Cooker Section

Slow cookers are capable of making SO much more than slow-simmered chili and stew! This cookbook lets the beloved countertop appliance shine in delicious and unexpected ways. Here's a taste of what you'll find…

Make-Ahead Breakfasts (oatmeal & casseroles)
Soups, Stews & Chilis (because how could we not?)
Hot Appetizer Dips (melty & delicious!)
Hearty Side Dishes (mashed potatoes, brussels sprouts, you name it)
Tender Slow-Cooked Meats (shredded chicken, pork tenderloin & more)
Pasta Dishes & Casseroles (three kinds of mac & cheese!)
Hot & Gooey Desserts (dump cakes, scoopable pies… YUM)
Also available wherever books are sold.

The Air-Fryer Section

We're all madly in love with air fryers these days. Your food cooks FAST, and you get crispy results with minimal oil. And while making slimmed-down versions of fried favorites is a no-brainer, the air fryer has hidden skill sets you might not expect! Get ready for…

The Easiest Homemade Bagels (and stuffed bagel bites!)
Unconventional Breakfast Foods (think cookies and dumplings)
Restaurant-Style Appetizers (yes, we have mozzarella sticks)
Easy Hot-Lunch Options (burger patties, sandwich wraps…)
Homemade Pizzas & Calzones (single-serving pies!)
Family-Style Entrées (meatloaf 'n more)
DIY Pastry-Style Treats (don’t miss the Chomptarts!)
Also available wherever books are sold.

What Else to Expect

Hungry Girl Simply Comfort includes handy lists and reference icons to help you quickly discover what works for YOU…

⭑ 70+ recipes with 5 ingredients or less
⭑ 85+ recipes in 30 minutes or less
⭑ 70+ vegetarian recipes
⭑ 90+ gluten-free recipes

Where Can You Buy It? Where CAN'T You Buy It?!

Click around below to sniff out the best deal… up to 20% off! Also available wherever books are sold. (P.S. You can also score the eBook for $14.99!)

Chew on this:

Happy February 1st, National Baked Alaska Day. Give this HG twist on a retro classic a try.

Tell anyone who needs air-fryer and slow-cooker recipes about Simply Comfort—pass along this info now!


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