Home Chef for the New Year: Save Time & Eat Healthy in 2022

Jan 5 2022

A new year means a fresh start, and FRESH is what Home Chef meal kits are all about. If you could use a hand with your healthy-eating resolution (couldn’t we all?), now is the time to treat yourself to money-saving, time-saving, wholesome meal kits. Home Chef is a FOOLPROOF way to meal plan deliciously and without much effort. And for a limited time, Home Chef is offering Hungry Girl fans $90 off.

Code: HUNGRYG90. New customers get $30 off their first three boxes. Expires 1/15/22.

Less Expensive Than Groceries

If you think meal kits are costly, prepare to be wowed. Because you get fresh ingredients in the exact amounts you need, you’re not wasting money on excess food that inevitably goes to waste. In fact, a study of four popular services found that Home Chef saves the most money, costing close to 15% LESS than the supermarket! And saving $30 on your first three orders with today’s limited-time offer doesn’t hurt either…

Code: HUNGRYG90. New customers get $30 off their first three boxes. Expires 1/15/22.

Meals to Fit Your Dietary Needs

Carb-Conscious! Vegetarian! Calorie-Conscious! Each week's menu is clearly labeled with the info you need, and the recipes come with full nutrition information per serving. Bonus: Since most ingredients are packaged separately, you can easily modify any meal to suit your needs. 

When in Doubt… Customize It! For many of the meal kits, there's a button to "View Customize It Options" which gives you a list of ways you can change up the protein offered. Not into pork chops? Change 'em out for salmon. Don't eat meat? Switch to Impossible Burger instead. It's easier than ever to find exactly the right meal kits for you!


Easy Options for No-Fuss Dinners

Oven-Ready Meals for Two – Featuring oven-safe tins, so you don’t even need to bust out (and clean) a baking pan!

One-Pan & One-Pot Family Meals – Four-serving entrées that the whole family will love.

Fast & Fresh Microwavable Meals – It’s TRUE. Just pop one in your microwave, and your meal will be ready in no time.

15-Minute Meal Kits – Yes, really! Each of these options is ready in under 20 minutes.


Lisa’s Favorites

Here’s what Lisa is loving on next week’s menu…

Marsala Pork Meatloaf – Calorie-Conscious and Carb-Conscious, this meal is loaded with flavor and easy to make!

Chicken and Creamy Onion Sauce with Brussels Sprouts Almondine – 15-Minute Meal Kit alert! This speedy and satisfying entrée is both Calorie-Conscious and Carb-Conscious.

Smoky 'n Sweet Shrimp and Pepper Wonton Tacos with Slaw – Oven-Ready and oh-so-delicious. Customize this Calorie-Conscious option by doubling the shrimp OR swapping it out for chicken or steak.


Treat Yourself to Healthy Meal Planning Made Easy!

If you’ve been curious about meal kits, there’s no better time than now to give them a try, thanks to this too-good-to-resist offer. New customers will save $90.

Code: HUNGRYG90. New customers get $30 off their first three boxes. Expires 1/15/22.

Chew on this:

January is National Meat Month! The easiest way to celebrate? With Home Chef’s Marsala Pork Meatloaf with cheesy broccoli and butternut squash!

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