Low-Sugar Chocolate and Coffee Finds on Amazon: No Sugar Added Chocolate Chips, Low-Sugar Coffee Candies in New Flavors

Dec 16 2022

It’s a Holiday Miracle: No Sugar Added Chocolate Chips!

Swerve's New Chocolate Chips

Our friends at Swerve have done it again… Introducing a new line of chocolate chips without any added sugar! In Dark, Milk (the HG favorite), and Semi Sweet varieties, the all-purpose chips are sweetened with Swerve's signature blend (no stevia). Each tablespoon has just 50–60 calories and 0–1g sugars. Perfect for all your baking and melting needs, of which there are many this time of year! Bonus: No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. Bake them into cookies and cakes, or melt them into a delicious drizzle for fruit and baked goods.
Code: 20CHIPSHG. 4 Packs and Cases eligible. One use per customer. Expires 12/23/22.

Low-Sugar Fan Favorite: 4 New Flavors!

Nudge Coffee Bombs

We can't get enough of these low-sugar coffee candies, so when we heard that the lineup had expanded, we flipped! The new flavors are… drumroll, please… Hazelnut Crème, Mocha Latte, Blueberry Swirl, and Orange Twist. (The fruity flavors are so creative and uniquely delicious!) Each variety features the crunchy shell and creamy center we all love, with only 3g of sugar and 40 calories per serving. That’s 50–60% less sugar than the leading shelled candy snacks! And they’re made with real coffee, which will give you a nice energy boost. Nudge Coffee Bombs make a great gift for friends or family who love coffee—hook them up with the classics, or score this NEW SAMPLER PACK featuring the four new flavors! P.S. For a limited time, get $2 off the new sampler pack when you click the coupon box.
Code: 20HGNUDGE. All products eligible. Expires 12/23/22.

Inspiring Book Find!

Bigger, Better, Bolder: Live the Life You Want, Not the Life You Get

Lisa’s good friend Jen Cohen—author, entrepreneur, and rockstar podcaster (host of Habits & Hustle!)—stopped by Hungryland this week to join in on the Amazon Live fun! Her new book—Bigger, Better, Bolder—hits bookshelves and online retailers on December 27th. Jen is a superstar motivational coach, and this book is all about how to get the life you want by being bold, being resilient, and creating specific goals and habits. (New Year's resolutions, anyone?) Order your copy now, so you can jump into bold action when 2023 hits.

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Here's one worth celebrating: It's December 16th, National Chocolate-Covered Anything Day! To celebrate, melt Swerve's new chocolate chips over... well, anything!

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