Easy Milkshakes at Home, Fruit & Nut Snacks, Plant-Based Snack Packs

Mar 29 2021

Spotted on Shelves...

Klondike Shakes in a Pouch!

1 pouch: 110 - 120 calories, 3.5 - 4g total fat (3.5g sat. fat), 40 - 55mg sodium, 19 - 20g carbs, 0 - <1g fiber, 9g sugars, <1 - 3g protein — SmartPoints® value 5*

OMG, these pouched milkshakes are amazing! They remind us of soft serve — VERY delicious. They come frozen, so all you have to do is let them sit out for a few minutes, and then twist off the top and squeeze… No blending required! The portion size is perfect for a quickie dessert. Grab a box from major retailers nationwide.

Sun-Maid Bites

4 pieces: 110 - 120 calories, 3.5 - 5g total fat (1.5 - 2g sat. fat), 20 - 50mg sodium, 17 - 19g carbs, 2g fiber, 8 - 9g sugars, 2 - 3g protein — SmartPoints® value 5*

Sun-Maid has more up their sleeves than raisins… These new snacks are granola bar bites with a super-fun twist. The squares are made from fruit, oats, and nuts, but each variety has a different topping: S’mores, Banana Split, Birthday Cake, and PB & J! How awesome is that? Look for these at supermarket or Walmart locations near you.

Sabra Kids Plant-Based Snack Kits

1 pack: 160 calories, 7 - 10g total fat (1 - 1.5g sat. fat), 80 - 200mg sodium, 15 - 24g carbs, 2g fiber, <1 - 12g sugars, 2 - 3g protein — SmartPoints® value 5 - 6*

The snack game is STRONG today, and we're rounding things out with these plant-based packs in two varieties: Brownie Batter Dip & Graham Cracker Sticks and Taco Dip & Rolled Tortilla Chips. And while they're geared toward kids, we can't imagine any rational adult turning up their nose at these goodies. Find the snacks at Walmart locations nationwide.

Chew on this:

Today, March 29th, is National Lemon Chiffon Cake Day. We could really go for some Lemon Almond Mini Cakes right now…

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