New Hungry Girl Magazine: Healthy Chicken Recipes

May 5 2023

New Hungry Girl Magazine: The Chicken Issue!

Our Best Chicken Recipes: The Ultimate Collection!

You read that right—it's an entire magazine issue devoted to chicken! We've learned a lot of things in the nearly two decades that Hungry Girl has been around, and one of them is that our most popular recipes almost always include chicken! Another thing we’ve gotten good at? Giving people what they want! This gorgeous keepsake issue is PACKED with over 75 of the best-ever Hungry Girl chicken recipes: all in one place! Find it on newsstands nationwide wherever magazines are sold: Walmart, Kroger, Barnes & Noble, and more. Or order a copy online… Shipping is free!

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The Chicken Recipes Issue: Healthy Meals & More!

This issue is a MUST-HAVE COLLECTION for anyone who loves chicken and could use 75 or so delicious ways to enjoy it. Get ready for…

Rockin’ ‘Roles: Casseroles that seriously deliver
Ready, Set, Slow Cook: 10 standouts for your Crock Pot
One Pan, Nine Recipes: Speedy skillet entrées
Meals in Mugs: 5-minute masterpieces 
Oven Lovin’: Easy oven-baked meals
… and so much more!

Chicken Tips, Tricks, Hacks & Help!

There’s more than recipes inside this issue. We have the kitchen & shopping resources you need. Including…

Casserole Tips & Tricks: Perfect results, every time
Ground Chicken 101: The skinny on what to look for in stores
Cooking School: Stuffed Chicken: A 5-step guide to next-level dinners
Slow-Cooker Conversion Chart: Turn any slow-cooker recipe into an oven-baked entrée… and vice versa!
Recipe Symbols 101: Your guide to the Gluten-Free recipes, 30 Minutes or Less recipes, and 5 Ingredients or Less recipes

What Are You Waiting For?

Hungry Girl Magazine: The Chicken Recipes Issue

Don't miss out! Look for this issue on newsstands nationwide at Walmart, Kroger, Barnes & Noble, and wherever else magazines are sold. Can’t find it? We got you! Order online, and shipping is free—you won't even have to put on shoes to get your copy.

Ordering from Canada? Click here!

US orders arrive in 2–4 weeks. Canadian orders arrive in 6–12 weeks. Also available in stores, on your NOOK, and as a digital copy from Zinio.

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