No-Sugar-Added Fruit Snacks, Mini Nutri-Grain Bars, Flavor Concentrate for Easy Cooking

Apr 3 2023

Spotted on Shelves…

Dole Wiggles Fruit Juice Gels

1 cup: 70–90 calories, 0g total fat (0g sat. fat), 5–10mg sodium, 18–22g carbs, 0g fiber, 17–20g total sugars (0g added sugars), 0–<1g protein
WW Points® value 3–4*
Dole is dishing out new fruity deliciousness! These jiggly treats are made with real fruit juice and no added sugar, plus they're rich in vitamin C. Let's hear it for an anytime dessert fix that's naturally sweetened and under 100 calories! In Strawberry, Orange, and Cherry, look for them at select retailers or order from Amazon online. And, later this year, Dole is bringing their famous Dole Whip to grocery store freezer aisles—we'll let you know more as this story develops!

Nutri-Grain Bites Soft Baked Mini Bars

1 pouch: 140 calories, 3.5g total fat (0.5–1g sat. fat), 100–110mg sodium, 27g carbs, 2–3g fiber, 11–12g total sugars (10–12g added sugars), 1g protein
WW Points® value 6*
It's hard not to have a soft spot for soft-baked Nutri-Grain bars, with their sweet oaty exterior and gooey fillings. So, it’s worth giving a shoutout to these kid-centric mini versions! They come in Strawberry (a forever classic) and Chocolatey Banana (don't mind if we do!). Each pouchful has 8g whole grains but still tastes like straight-up comfort. Click the Where To Buy buttons on the product pages to locate or find them on Amazon.

Campbell’s FlavorUp! Cooking Concentrate

1 tsp.: 5 calories, 0g total fat (0g sat. fat.), 440–500mg sodium, 1–2g carbs, 0g fiber, 0–1g total sugars (0g added sugars), 0g protein
WW Points® value 0*
Say hello to an easy hack for major flavor with minimal effort! Add concentrated flavor to proteins, cooked grains, vegetables… whatever needs a savory upgrade. Choose from Rich Garlic & Herb, Caramelized Onion & Burgundy Wine, and Savory Mushroom & Herb—or buy all three and choose whichever one is right for the occasion! Find the bottles in the dry seasoning aisle at leading retailers nationwide: Click the Where to Buy button on each product page to track it down. Or, go ahead and order them on Amazon.

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