No-Sugar-Added Protein Bars, Frozen Breakfast Meal, Low-Calorie Sparkling Grapefruit Drink

Apr 11 2022

Spotted on Shelves…

N!ck’s Swedish-Style Smak Bar

1 bar: 170–180 calories, 8–10g total fat (2.5–3.5g sat. fat), 125–200mg sodium, 25–28g carbs, 5–6g fiber, 4–5g total sugars (0g added sugars), 13–14g protein
WW Points® value 5–6*
These refrigerated, no-sugar-added protein bars are unlike anything we've ever tried. The texture is fudge-like and the flavor is deliciously on point… After we tried them, we immediately stocked up on more! There are four delicious flavors: Peanöt Cacao Nib, Strawbär Cashew, Choklad Peanöt Butter, and Hazelnöt Choklad. They're available on Amazon and rolling out in Sprouts stores now (with more stores coming over the next six months). Fun fact: Nick is a Swedish mechanical engineer who dove into the world of nutrition after changing his own lifestyle… and seriously missing his favorite sweet treats!

Dr. Praeger's Hearty Breakfast Bowl

6.3-oz. bowl: 270 calories, 11g total fat (2.5g sat. fat), 350mg sodium, 31g carbs, 5g fiber, 6g total sugars (3g added sugars), 12g protein
WW Points® value 7*
Dr. P and the gang are always serving up better-for-you frozen food, and we love this comfort-food-y option. You get cheesy eggs, roasted potatoes, and a couple of dippable oatmeal sticks. Grab a couple of bowls to keep on hand for those mornings. (You know the kind we mean.) Click to find a store carrying Dr. Praeger's near you.

Fever-Tree Sparkling Pink Grapefruit

1 bottle: 30 calories, 0g total fat (0g sat. fat), 15mg sodium, 7g carbs, 0g fiber, 7g total sugars (7g added sugars), 0g protein
WW Points® value 2*
This slightly sweet and deliciously tart fizzy drink is juuuuust right for spring! With just 30 calories per bottle, you can sip it straight or spike it for a cocktail. Lisa uses it to make palomas (grapefruit-infused tequila cocktails). We love that it's made with real fruit juice. Available at a variety of retailers nationwide—click to locate!

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Fotouzy Cutting Board Mats: Flexible Plastic Colored Mats With Food Icons

If you don’t love the idea of cutting your fruit on the same board as your chicken cutlets, you’ll LOVE this colorful set of cutting board mats. Each dishwasher-safe mat includes an icon indicating if it’s for meat, veggies, fish, fruit, etc. We love that they feature special grid-textured bottoms to keep them from slipping around while you slice. And because they’re flexible, you can bend them to make it easy to transfer food to a pot or scraps to the garbage. Brilliant…

And that's all we've got. 'Til next time… Chew the right thing!

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