Pancakes in a Cup, Greek Fro Yo Bars, Lisa's New Favorite Snack

Apr 17 2017

Spotted on Shelves…

Ritz Crisp & Thins

21 pieces (30g): 130 calories, 4.5g total fat (0g sat fat), 190 - 210mg sodium, 21g carbs, 2g fiber, 1 - 2g sugars, 2g protein -- SmartPoints® value 4*

Meet your new favorite crispy-crunchy snack. We are absolutely floored by the light feel and delicate crunch of these crisps! And the flavor? Out of this world. In Sea Salt, Salt & Vinegar, Cream Cheese & Onion (to die for!), and Bacon, these babies are dangerously delicious. (Measure them out before you start to munch.) Find them where most Nabisco products are sold, or order online! (Bonus: Amazon offers some additional flavors from the UK line.)

Kodiak Cakes Unleashed Flapjack On The Go

1 cup: 250 - 260 calories, 7 - 8g total fat (4.5 - 5g sat fat), 290 - 370mg sodium, 35 - 43g carbs, 3 - 5g fiber, 15 - 16g sugars, 6 - 10g protein -- SmartPoints® value 10 - 11*

If you crave pancakes but don't have time for messy pans, syrup-splattered plates, and empty carbs, this is the product for you. Just microwave for mega protein and fluffy, sweet flapjack flavor (no syrup needed!). Choose from Cinnamon & Maple, Power Cakes Protein Packed Buttermilk & Maple (our fave!), and Blueberry & Maple. Click to find, or order on Amazon.

Skinny Cow Greek Frozen Yogurt Bars

1 bar: 100 - 110 calories, 2g total fat (1 - 1.5g sat fat), 50 - 65mg sodium, 16 - 17g carbs, 0g fiber, 13g sugars, 5g protein -- SmartPoints® value 5*

This is not the Skinny Cow of years past. These brand-new bars are packed with protein and quality ingredients! They come in Salt-Kissed Caramel and Chocolate Fudgetastic Swirl, each with a gooey swirl. They're just now rolling out in the freezer sections nationwide, so keep an eye out… Portion-controlled frozen treats for the win!

This Week's 3 Things to Know

Introducing HG Lisa's latest snack trio: Wasa crispbread + avocado + everything-bagel seasoning!

Lisa is completely obsessed with this easy treat. It's like the carb-slashed lovechild of avocado toast and an everything bagel! Just spread an ounce of mashed avocado (about 2 tbsp.) on a piece of Wasa Crisp'n Light crispbread, and sprinkle it with everything-bagel seasoning (we love the kind by Trader Joe's!). Only about 75 calories and 4g fat (SmartPoints® value 2*), and it's SO delicious and satisfying! For more fun with everything-bagel seasoning, check out our brand-new video for Everything Bagel Bites.

An important reason to turn off the TV during dinner…

Dinner time is a great opportunity to bond with your family or just relax and enjoy your meal. But yet another study has found that adults who skip watching TV during dinner are less likely to be obese. Frequency of family meals didn't make much of a difference in the study findings, so don't stress about dining solo. But you might want to give up sharing a meal with your remote...

Fewer Americans are dieting. Is this a good thing or bad thing?

A new study reveals that the percentage of overweight Americans who are trying to lose weight has gone down since 1988. But it's not that people are giving up. Many are simply shifting their focus to adopting healthier habits and making it less about losing weight. (In our opinion, those two things are closely related!) Another point to consider: The body positivity movement has helped lead a shift toward self-acceptance and healthier body images. Time will tell if this shift helps people achieve and maintain healthy body weights, but we're curious to know what you think. Click to take our two-question poll!

And that's all we've got. 'Til next time... Chew the right thing!

Chew on this:

Happy National Cheeseball Day, April 17th. We'll be over here eating cheese wheels instead. Mini Babybel, anyone?

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