Walmart Food Finds: Apple Pie Flavored Coffee, Snack Pickles with Ranch Dip, Meatless Mushroom Steaks

Mar 30 2022
It's haul time! Today, it's our latest Walmart haul (Haulmart?), and we have some winners to share. Take notes for your next shopping run, and share this info with those who need the inside scoop…

Keurig McCafé Baked Apple Pie K-Cup Pods

We can be pretty skeptical when it comes to flavored coffees, and this one is shockingly good. It tastes like you took a bite of an apple Danish, then took a sip of coffee. YUM! And unlike some dessert-flavored coffee, it doesn't taste artificial at all. We're super impressed! This variety of McCafé K-Cups is only available at Walmart, but click here to peruse other varieties on Amazon. (P.S. Like most coffee pods, it doesn’t come with a nutrition panel, which means the calories and other nutrients are negligible.)

Pick A Dilly Pickles & Bacon Flavored Ranch Dip

2.5-oz. package: 60 calories, 6g total fat (1g sat. fat), 530mg sodium, 2g carbs, <1g fiber, 1g total sugars (0g added sugars), <1g protein
WW Points® value 2*
This dippable snack duo is so good that it made us jump for joy. We love to snack on pickles, so any pickle snack pack will likely make us happy. But this one comes with a petite portion of bacon-flavored ranch dip, and the combo is incredibly yummy! FYI, there's not much online presence for this product, but we found it at Walmart. (Have you seen these pickles? Let us know!)

The No Meat Company Plant-Based No Bull Mushroom Steaks

1 piece: 100 calories, 5g total fat (0.5g sat. fat), 270mg sodium, 13g carbs, 6g fiber, <1g total sugars (0g added sugar), 4g protein
WW Points® value 2*
Hello to a new entry in the meatless-swaps arena! This one is unique: It's like a mushroom version of an old-school Salisbury steak. And though mushrooms can sometimes be spongy, the texture here is great. The secret? They cooked seasoned chopped mushrooms BEFORE forming the steaks… Genius! We can't wait to make 'em into pizza burgers. (Mushrooms taste great on pizza, so it feels like an obvious combo.) The No Meat Company is based out of the UK, and the products available in the U.S. appear to be exclusively at Walmart.

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