Best-Selling Amazon Finds This Year: Kitchen Tools, Self-Care Products & More

Jun 26 2020
Last week, we highlighted the top five Amazon food finds of the year according to YOU, the Hungry Girl fans. (Check it out here.) This week, we’re shouting out the top sellers that aren’t edible: must-have bakeware, an incredible cleaning product, and more…

Massage Pro Scalp Brush & Massager (2 Pack)

One of the best things about going to the salon? The blissed-out scalp massage! Now you can experience that relaxing feeling at home, thanks to this inexpensive scalp brush. The silicone bristles are long enough to get through thick hair, and they double as detanglers. Bonus: Some pros say scalp massage can encourage new hair growth. Talk about a win-win!

Paint by Sticker Books

We're taking this opportunity to shout out some Amazon finds you can score for at-home enjoyment, and this one tops the list! Lisa’s borderline obsessed with the Zoo Animals version. (Sure it’s meant for kids, but it’s easy and fun!) There are a whole bunch of these Paint by Sticker books, with themes like vintage posters, iconic artwork, pets, and more. Click to shop!

Wilton 12-Cavity Whoopie Pie Baking Pan

You need this pan! It's essential for making little cakes for whoopie pies… but that's not all you can do with it! Use it to bake up a batch of individual egg patties (ideal for assembling speedy breakfast sandwiches in the morning), perfectly shaped burger patties, oven-baked mini pancakes for a crowd, and so much more. We’ve got recipes...

Hungry Girl Simply 6 Cookbook

Who doesn’t love a GREAT cookbook to add to their collection? The latest HG book, Simply 6, features healthy recipes under 375 calories, all of which can be made with 6 main ingredients or less. And every single recipe has a gorgeous full-page photo. Help your buddies live more deliciously… Click to shop!

Bottle Bright Natural Cleaning Tablets

It's borderline impossible to scrub the inside of those reusable water bottles, and the folks behind Bottle Bright really rose to the challenge. Just drop a tablet into the bottle with some water, and it cleans like magic -- no scrubbing required. Bottle Bright was a hit on Shark Tank and it’s a hit at Hungryland! HG staffer Lydia tried it after we first featured it, and now she uses it ALL the time.
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Chew on this:

Happy National Chocolate Pudding Day, June 26th! An old-school chocolate Snack Pack pudding cup has just 100 calories...

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