Amazon Fan Favorites: Deep Tissue Massager, Skinny Spatulas & More

Nov 13 2020
Food finds and kitchen gadgets aren’t the only things on Amazon our fans love. Here are five unexpected favorites… each with an average of 4.4 stars or more!

The Original MakeUp Eraser

Don’t fall asleep with your makeup on because you’re too tired to suds it up! This is a great reusable alternative to makeup wipes -- all you need is water, thanks to the special fibers of this cloth. Lindsay S. says, "This takes it all off -- even waterproof makeup -- and can go right in the washing machine! So easy and love the fun pink color!" Whatever helps us get to bed faster and protects our skin is a definite WIN.

Flyby Deep Tissue Massage Gun

This is a higher-ticket item, but HG fan Rachel R. calls this DIY massage tool "heaven on earth!" And when in-person massages are harder to come by, attacking tense muscles with a self massager is a great way to loosen up. For a less expensive alternative, check out this handy assistor and put your partner to work. Jennifer B. says, "I’m a certified massage therapist and this tool works perfectly.”

Echo Flex Plug-in Mini Smart Speaker with Alexa

Um, hi, this has over 28,000 reviews! If you want accessibility to Alexa outside of her hearing range, this find will do the trick. Rachel B. swears by it for timers and exercise hacks: "If I'm under my step count, I say ‘Alexa, play some high-energy dance music’ -- then I have a quick dance party or walk around the house.” Brilliant!

Mandalas Adult Coloring Book Volume II

Feeling stressed? Decompress without hopping on social media, thanks to an intricate coloring book like this one, also suggested by Rachel B.! She says, "It's really relaxing and I love the quality of the paper -- it doesn't bleed through! I’ve bought several for friends as well." And if you need a good set of markers to go with it, Michele D. recommends this brand.

The Spatty Last Drop Spatulas

If you've ever struggled to get the last little amount out of a bottle or jar, these skinny spatulas are the tools for you -- use this set for condiments and this set for cosmetics! Nancy M. says, "You’d be surprised how much these can extract from ‘empty’ containers." Who wants to waste the last bits of their favorite products? Not us. P.S. The Spatty was once featured on Shark Tank and even more recently featured on the Shark Tank episode of the Hungry Girl podcast!

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