Best Amazon Kitchen Gadgets & Tools: Espresso Machine, Budget Hand Mixer & More

Feb 11 2022
Lisa loves sharing all her top Amazon finds, and you can always check out her list to see what she's loving these days—SO convenient! But do you ever wonder what the rest of the Hungry Girl staffers use in their kitchens? Check out some of our recent top picks…

Nespresso Vertuo Coffee and Espresso Machine by De'Longhi

Jamie & Mikey (yes, from the Hungry Girl podcast) swear by their new Nespresso machine, calling it a total game-changer. When it brews your coffee, it tops it off with a delicate & delicious crema… Every cup tastes like it's from a fancy Italian bistro! The coffee quality is beyond compare… Next-level deliciousness. And when you open it to brew another cup, it catapults the previous pod into a little storage area that you can empty later. (Something about this feels really high-tech and fun!) This one’s an investment, but if you're a serious coffee lover, it's worth it!

Wilton Non-Stick Diamond-Infused Navy Blue Baking Set, 7-Piece

Wanna make a foodie's day? Get them new baking pans. Longtime HG staffer Lynn says, "I was gifted these amazing Wilton baking pans, and I’m obsessed. They’re beautiful!" Who wouldn't want a fresh set of nonstick cookware, especially in this sleek navy blue finish? Give someone a kitchen refresh… especially if that someone is YOU!

Dash SmartStore Compact Hand Mixer

Dash's track record when it comes to kitchen gadgets is stellar, and here's another hit! HG's kitchen manager Erin vouches for this electric mixer, reporting that it's surprisingly powerful for the size. For easy storage, the beaters snap into the sides of the handle—this way, they don't go missing! And like other Dash products, this mixer comes in fun colors… Aqua is our pick! Bonus: It's only about $20.

Sperric Premium Dishwasher Magnet Clean-Dirty Sign Indicator

If you like fixing problems with "so simple, it's ridiculous" solutions, this one might be for you. While visiting family for the holidays and listening to her parents go back and forth on whether the dishes in the dishwasher were clean or not, HG writer Dana quietly placed an order for this magnet. It comes in black or silver, so you can match it to better suit your specific dishwasher. (And if your washer front isn't metal, it comes with adhesive pads too.) Spend the $8 and spare yourself the drama.

YellRin Magnetic Dual Sided Measuring Spoons Set

Magnetized measuring spoons beat the spoons on a ring any day! HG staffer Allie brought this Amazon's Choice set to our attention (because, clearly, she's very smart). No struggling to separate them, and you’re less likely to have one mysteriously go missing when they magnetically cling to each other. Best of all, this set has a rounded spoon end AND a narrow spoon end, perfect for scooping spices from a narrow jar.

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Brothers All Natural Fruit Crisps

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