Kitchen Organizers on Amazon: Fridge Turntable, Cabinet Racks & More

Feb 16 2024
It’s hard to put everything in its place when there isn’t a place for everything! Get your kitchen storage sorted out—these six super-useful organizers will help you make the most of your space, and they’re all available on Amazon.

Rotating Fridge Revolutionizer!

Fridge Turntable with Mat

Instead of digging around for that bottle of BBQ sauce in the back of your fridge (trying not to knock over everything else in the process), just swivel it to the front with this handy turntable! It has a removable silicone mat that makes it easy to clean and helps keep things from sliding around. P.S. YouCopia makes a TON of handy storage solutions—explore their full lineup!

Cabinet Makeover in Two Minutes!

Pots and Pans Cabinet Organizer

This pot & pan rack is extra adjustable: Not only can you space out the dividers to best fit your gear, but you can also set it up horizontally OR vertically! Made from heavy-duty iron with scratch and rust protection, it can hold up to 53 pounds. Set it up in a cabinet or out on a shelf to feel like you’ve really got it together.

Pantry Perfector!

Stackable Can Rack

For the definition of “simple but effective,” observe this #1 Amazon Best Seller. It holds and displays cans so you can see what you have without shuffling around. Got a big pantry full of cans? These racks are stackable! Get as many as you need.

Kitchen Space Saver!

Over the Cabinet Door Organizer

Add extra storage inside your cabinets, zero tricky installation needed! Hang the coated-steel basket using the detachable hooks, and you’re set. (You can also mount it using screws, if you’re in a “let’s get out the tools” mood.) It’s versatile in size and shape, great for holding boxes of aluminum foil, cutting boards, baking pans… whatever needs holding!

Top-Shelf Storage!

3-Tier Countertop Shelf Organizer

Have too much stuff on your countertop, but hesitant to move things because you use them all the time? Raise things up a level or two! These malleable shelves are terrific because you can adjust them to fit into a corner or flat along a wall. A perfect solution for everyday needs you want close at hand, like basic seasonings, cooking oil, and more.

Surprise: Your Stove Is a Shelf!

Over the Stove Silicone Magnetic Shelf

Here’s another great tool to help maximize your space! Look at the top of your stove: Just sitting there, doing nothing, totally useless. Optimize that waste of space and pop a silicone shelf on top. The strong magnets hold it in place, and the heat-resistant silicone will protect objects on the shelf from overheating. And if it gets dirty, just pull it off to clean easily—it’s even dishwasher safe!

Hungry for More Kitchen Organization Finds?

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