Amazon Food Finds: Healthy Superfood Juices, Everything Bagel Seasoning, Fishbowl Punch & More

Aug 20 2021
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Flavor-Packed Juice with Health Benefits!


This 100% organic cold-pressed juice is PERFECTION in a bottle. The main ingredient is beet juice, but the flavor doesn’t stop there! Try the Beet + Cherry, Beet + Veggie, Beet + Lemon + Ginger, Beet + Berry, and Beet + Tropical Fruit. Beets have amazing health benefits, including reducing inflammation, lowering blood pressure, and increasing athletic performance. And with no preservatives, additives, or artificial colors and flavors, there’s no reason not to stock your fridge pronto. (We definitely are!) Unique, delicious, and 100% worth trying…


Pssst… For a party perfect spin, whip up this Beetarita!

Best-Selling + Best-Value Everything Bagel Seasoning!

SPQR Seasonings Everything Bagel Sesame Seasoning Blend

Over 15,000 Amazon reviewers can’t be wrong! This Amazon’s Choice seasoning contains top-notch organic ingredients, including roasted garlic and roasted sesame seeds for an incredibly tasty crunch. Packed with flavor but only 5 calories per serving, it’s the perfect way to dress up traditionally bland (but healthy!) foods like egg whites, grilled chicken, steamed veggies… You name it! There are ENDLESS ways to use it, and it makes EVERYTHING taste better. Bonus: The XL 10-oz. bottle is an amazing value. And when you make it your new pantry staple, you’ll be glad you have plenty!


Go Fish! How to Make a Fun Fish Bowl Punch Cocktail

Fishbowl drinks are all the rage, and we couldn’t wait to stock up on the must-haves on Amazon, so we dove in! First, you’ll need some small fish bowls that double as drinking glasses, like this sweet set. Next, grab some blue sugar-free drink mix, like this kind by Wyler’s Light. Fill the bottoms of your bowls with Nerds candy (to resemble gravel) and some Swedish fish and/or low-sugar gummy fish. Top with ice. In a cocktail shaker, combine the drink mix with your clear alcohol of choice and shake it up! Then add some club soda, and divide among the bowls. Instant party!

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Happy August 20th, National Chocolate Pecan Pie Day. Pssst… We've hacked a healthy way to get pecan-pie flavor for breakfast. (And we wouldn't dissuade you from adding mini chocolate chips on top.)

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