Healthy Amazon Food Finds: Plant-Based Crunchy Snacks, Sugar-Free Baking Mixes, Superfood Supplements & More

Dec 3 2021
This week's Hungry Girl's Snacks & Hacks One-Stop Shopping Show brought so many goodies! Whether you're in the mood to snack or bake up a storm, here are a few products worth ordering ASAP…

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Unique Plant-Based Crisps in Incredible Flavors!

SNACKLINS Plant Crisps

It all started as an experiment to create a vegan pork rind and then became something entirely LIFE CHANGING. These airy, low-calorie delicious crisps are made from simple ingredients like yuca, mushrooms, and onions (lots of veggies but you just taste yummy chips)… and the entire bag has just 90 calories! The unique shape makes SNACKLINS perfect for scooping — great for holiday parties. Not only vegan, they’re also certified kosher, gluten free, grain free, nut free, and soy free. There are five great flavors: Barbeque, Chesapeake Bay, Nacho, Teriyaki, and new (available on Cinnamon Churro. There’s no better time to try ‘em…

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Tasty Baking Must-Haves: 1g of Sugar or Less!

Swerve Sweeteners & Cake Mixes

Set yourself up for success this time of year by stocking up on better-for-you ingredients. This Baker's Bundle includes Granular and Confectioners varieties of Swerve's natural erythritol-based, calorie-free sweetener… both of which measure cup-for-cup just like their sugary counterparts! Use the Confectioners sweetener to make frostings and glazes, or just sprinkle it over your favorite sweets. And if you want some stellar shortcuts to gluten-free, grain-free cakes with no added sugar, pick up some Swerve cake mixes too — in Vanilla, Chocolate, or the Cake Mix bundle with both. Order ASAP…

Code: 15HGSWERVE. All products eligible. Expires 12/7/21.

No-Sugar-Added Juice with Simple Ingredients!

Wonder Lemon

Ready for the ultimate in refreshment? Get your hands on this DELICIOUS, 100% organic, cold-pressed juice. It’s full of flavor with lemon goodness, and naturally sweet thanks to unique fruit blends with NO added sugar! Each cute single-serving bottle has less than 110 calories and zero artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, or additives. No need for a juicer because they did the juicing for you! And we love that they're made from 6 simple ingredients or less per blend. Choose from Lemon Mint, Lemon Ginger, and Lemon Basil Jalapeño. Sip 'em straight, or spike them for fun cocktails this party season!

Code: 2021HUNGRY. All products eligible. Expires 12/10/2021.

Super Supplements for Weight Management & More!

Organifi Superfood Dietary Supplements

Invest in your health with these premium powders! Organifi’s yummy Green Juice assists with healthy weight management AND promotes a healthy response to stress. (Stress relief you can sip? We're listening…) It also helps reduce food cravings, thanks to superstar ingredients like ashwagandha, matcha, spirulina, and chlorella! And the Harmony blend (which tastes like HOT COCOA) supports women’s hormones with superfoods and adaptogens, so you can feel your best every day. Say hello to your new secret wellness weapon…

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Prefer to shop on Amazon? Click here for the Green Juice, and click here for the Harmony. (No Amazon discount available.)

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