Amazon Food Finds: Gut-Healthy Cookies, Double-Filled Energy Balls & More

Sep 10 2021
It's that time again! We’ve got the 411 on some amazing Amazon finds and special offers, as featured on yesterday's episode of Hungry Girl’s Snacks & Hacks One-Stop Shopping Show!

HG Tip: When buying from Amazon, check out one product at a time to take advantage of multiple discounts. Our featured finds often sell out, so act fast!

Truly Delicious Gut-Health Supplements!

Uplift Gut Happy Cookies

They may look like ordinary cookies, but each 160-calorie pack is LOADED with prebiotics, probiotics, and nearly 50% of your daily fiber… Way more delicious than your average prebiotic pills and fiber supplements! The ingredients are scientifically proven to support gut, digestive, and immune system health. We love the lightly sweet taste (they’re more like yummy biscuits than cookies) and the incredible flavors. Plus they’re grain free, vegan, low sugar, AND low carb. Also from Uplift: Prebiotic Puffs… They’re FULL of health benefits and come in three yum-azing flavors. Plus they have just 120 calories per serving and 8g of fiber (way more than other puffs)! Try them both in the Ultimate Snack Sample Pack


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Fan Favorite: Decadent Double-Filled Energy Balls!

Frooze Balls

Hungry Girl fans can’t get enough of these delicious, double-filled energy balls! With decadent fillings like fresh nut butter and fruit-sweetened jam, they’re made with simple ingredients, completely plant based, free of dairy and gluten, and around 60 calories per ball. We like to snack on a pack throughout the day! Try all four crave-worthy flavors — Peanut Butter & Jelly, Blueberry Crumble, Lemon Cheesecake, and Choc Hazelnut — then make them a staple for your whole family…


Fun Hungry Girl Find!

Color-Changing Plastic Tumblers with Lids

How cute are these vibrant oversized cups!? Just add cold liquid and ice, and watch the colors go from muted to bright. (It works best with clear stuff like water, Sprite, or club soda!) They come with two straw sizes (including extra large for the boba enthusiasts) and cleaning brushes to keep things sanitary. They’re dishwasher safe and all-around awesome. Last time we checked, they were 41% off…


Another Fun Find!

mberry Miracle Fruit Tablets

If you’re bored and looking for something fun to try out, this is it! Miracle berries gained acclaim a few years back when it was realized they could instantly change the way taste buds react to sour foods, giving a burst of sweetness instead of tart flavor! These convenient zero-calorie tablets are all natural and made solely with the powder of miracle berries. Craving sweet lemonade or limeade? Dissolve a tablet on your tongue before drinking a glass of unsweetened water and citrus juice. Bite directly into a lemon and you’ll think it’s the sweetest fruit ever! Definitely a different and entertaining way to kill a little time.


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