Amazon Low-Calorie Cocktail & Mocktail Ingredients

Aug 18 2023
Make DIY low-calorie cocktails and mocktails, Hungry Girl style! These Amazon ingredients couldn't be easier to stock up on. They pair nicely with a slew of basic liquors (vodkas, rums, tequilas, etc.). Make something up yourself, or use our recipes as a guide…

Low- and No-Sugar Drink Mixes

Calorie-free and low-calorie drink mixes like these are pretty much the cornerstone of our cocktail recipes. If you get nothing else, stock up on multiple flavors of these, and you'll be set.

No-Calorie Sweeteners

Packets make measurements extra easy; a multi-serving bag is a great pantry staple! We prefer plant-based sweeteners like these...

Low- and No-Sugar Sodas & Beyond

Sugar-free (and nearly sugar-free) sodas have come a long way. Use them to add fizz to a cocktail, or just mix with your liquor choice. Bonus shoutout to all the flavored sparkling waters out there!

More Low-Calorie Cocktail Extras

Looking to add extra nuance, or even to make a rich dessert-y blended beverage? Here are a few more pantry staples we also use when creating cocktails.

Amazon Cocktail Tools & Gadgets

These tools can certainly make mixing drinks at home a bit more chill. (P.S. SodaStream means never having to say, "I'm out of club soda.")

Ready to Shop?

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Happy Friday—it's also National Ice Cream Pie Day, August 18th! This Banana Split Pie will keep the party going all weekend…

Send your friends these low-calorie cocktail & mocktail ingredients to order on Amazon, so they can get mixing ASAP.


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