Best Amazon Kitchen Finds Under $15

Mar 21 2024
The Amazon Big Spring Sale is officially underway! We dug through the extensive inventory of deals to find some major savings you can’t miss out on… All of these kitchen finds are under $15, and sometimes by a lot!

Heads up: The below prices are for Amazon’s Big Spring Sale, ending 3/25/24. Prices are accurate at time of publication and subject to change.

Amazon Kitchen Finds Under $10!

Insulated Lunch Bags for Women ($9.98)

Looks like a nice big tote, huh? Look again: It’s an insulated bag that keeps your food warm or cold without screaming “Look at me, I’m a lunch bag!” And no need to limit this bag to your lunch—the multifunctional outside pockets are great for stashing silverware, napkins, your phone, your keys… There’s even a pocket for your water bottle. Plus, the durable materials are easy to clean in case of a spill.

32 oz. Motivational Water Bottle ($9.99)

Sometimes we need some encouraging reminders to get our H2O, so a bottle like this is a must-have. It holds about a liter of water and is made from BPA-free plastic, and the wide drinking spout makes it easy to chug when you really need it. It doesn’t hurt that it’s also, like, really pretty.

Handheld Milk Frother ($6.29)

Considering how pricey coffee drinks have gotten, under $7 for a milk frother that helps you make barista-level creations at home is an epic deal. We know we’re always encouraging you to get a milk frother, but if you didn’t listen to us the other times, now is the time to give in. This model is highly rated and comes in different colors… Just go for it!

Holikme Cleaning Brush Set ($5.95)

Your cleaning supplies need replacing now and then, and since this set of three scrubbing brushes is currently less than $6, we’d say it’s a great pick. You get a soft bristle dish brush, a medium bristle pan brush, and a hard bristle cast iron brush. And they feature sustainable bamboo handles, which look nice hanging by your sink!

Silicone Rubber Spatula Set ($9.59)

This is FIVE spatulas for under $10, humans! BPA free, nonstick, high heat resistant, dishwasher safe, and equipped for stirring, scraping, scooping, lifting, flipping, and whatever you need. The seamless one-piece design means you don’t have to worry about the head eventually falling off your spatula midway through mixing brownie batter, and that’s important for several reasons.

Amazon Kitchen Finds Under $15!

Freshware Meal Prep Containers ($11.37)

Looking for a sign to refresh your stained and warped plastic food containers? Here you go. Freshware containers bring a great combo of quality and value—this Amazon’s Choice set of 25 won’t even set you back $12! Leak resistant and stackable, the BPA-free containers are safe to use in the microwave, dishwasher, and freezer. And the size makes them perfect for prepping & packing make-ahead meals.

HappyTrends Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat ($13.99)

We have anti-fatigue mats like this in the Hungryland test kitchen for a reason—they really help, particularly in places you end up standing for long periods of time. Whether that’s by your favorite prep counter, in front of the stove, or by the sink (a huge one for anyone without a dishwasher!), pick one up for the sake of your feet and back.

Geometric Patterned Knife Set ($14.98)

Admit it: Your mismatched knives have seen better days. This set is so darn cool looking! And getting six knives for less than $15 is an incredible deal. The coating makes the knives resistant to rust, plus each one comes with a protective sheath. Who says your kitchen tools can’t be stylish?

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