Best Healthy Travel Snacks for On the Go

Mar 31 2023
Spring is here! If you're traveling, you need road snacks. Here are some of our best healthy travel snacks for on the go. Pack a little of everything, and you’ll have all your snack cravings covered…

Healthy Travel Snacks: Fresh Fruit & Veggies

If you're road-tripping, take advantage of the situation and pack a small cooler of easy-to-eat fresh snacks. Pro tip: Bring a gallon-size sealable bag to stash any peels or cores, and empty it out when you stop for gas.

Healthy Travel Snacks: Protein Bars & Energy Balls

A stash of satisfying bars is essential! Look for options that are high in protein without being highly caloric (unless you’re looking for a meal replacement). Packs of energy balls are also great, since you can easily have a couple and save the rest for later.

Healthy Travel Snacks: Something Sweet

Keep small pieces of chocolate and candy around. This way, when a craving hits, you’ve got a better option than a whole gas-station candy bar.

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Healthy Travel Snacks: Something Crunchy

When you're feeling crunchy-munchy, here are some great picks. Crispy bean snacks hold up especially well packed into your purse or luggage!

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Healthy Travel Snacks: Jerky & Other Meat Snacks

Hot tip! Buy a big bag ahead of time, and pack it into smaller pouches as needed. Snack-sized options are also great…

Healthy Travel Snacks: Bonus Ideas!

Make your own snack packs: Reusable sealable bags are clutch—you're never NOT going to need snack-sized baggies. Buy a bunch, and fill 'em up before you hit the road.

DIY trail mix: Mix 'n match your favorites: popcorn, cereal, nuts (almonds, shelled pistachios, cashews), dried fruit (cranberries, raisins), freeze-dried fruit, M&Ms… You name it.

Electrolyte drink packets: People often drink less when traveling (to avoid pit stops), and mixes like these can help keep dehydration at bay.

Squeeze pouches: Squeezable snacks with fruit, veggies & more can be good for a quick hit of nutrition.

Chew on this:

It's the last day of National Sauce Month, aka March, aka also a great time to stock up on your favorite varieties of TRUFF Truffle Hot Sauce. YUMMMM…

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