5 Ways to Make Better Coffee Drinks at Home + Easy Low-Calorie Recipes

Apr 27 2018
Don't rely on overpriced coffee shops for your java fix! We've got tips for making amazing coffee drinks at home. You’ll save cash and calories! Now that makes cents-- er, sense

1. Freeze coffee in your ice cube tray.

One of the biggest hurdles when making iced coffee is the inevitable watered-down brew that results when ice hits the hot liquid. Plan ahead by filling an ice-cube tray with premade coffee. Just let some leftover coffee cool for a little while, then fill each slot and freeze! Pop the coffee cubes in your glass the next time you make a fresh cup, and you’ll enjoy ice-cold coffee at full strength! Another idea? Freeze your favorite creamer or milk of choice. Instant portion control, and it’ll last longer than fresh!

2. Power up with protein powder.

This is almost a no-brainer. We want sweet creamy vanilla flavor in our coffee, and we want more satisfying protein in our diets, so why not reach for vanilla-flavored protein powder when whipping up our coffee drinks? Tera’s Whey and Quest Nutrition are two of our favorites. Two to three tablespoons is all you need. This trick works best with iced coffee and frozen java beverages. If you’re not breaking out the blender, first thoroughly dissolve the powder in some cold liquid before adding any ice or hot coffee. Mix, mix, mix! It’s worth the effort... Trust us.

3. Extracts are the new syrups.

Wanna re-create your favorite flavored latte without adding lots of sugary calories? Assemble an all-star stash of flavor extracts -- yup, the ones you find in the baking aisle! Extract + your sweetener of choice = sweet flavor perfection (and next to zero calories!). Our picks? Besides classic vanilla, reach for almond, hazelnut, maple, and coconut. If you want to get more adventurous, head over to Amazon for flavors like cherrycaramel, and red raspberry!

4. Use your Magic Bullet as a milk frother.

Kitchen tools that only do one thing can be a bummer, which is why we LOVE our Magic Bullet so very much. It’s the perfect way to froth up a portion of foam for your coffee cup. Just add a bit of milk (our choice is fat-free) to one of the Bullet’s tall cups, and blend until bubbly. Remove the lid, and microwave until warm. Tada! Instant froth. Add sweetener and extract if you wanna get extra fancy. Bonus: You can also use your Bullet to grind coffee beans!

5. Embrace instant coffee granules.

If you grew up in a time when instant coffee meant bitter taste, it's time to shed that association. There's a lot of quality instant coffee available these days, namely Starbucks VIA packets. Choose your roast, and stash a few packets in your bag in case of a java-mergency. This stuff is also crucial when making iced and blended coffee drinks...
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