Easy Tips to Save Money on Groceries

May 31 2023
One of the BEST ways to keep your weight-management goals on track is to stock up on healthy foods for your fridge, freezer, and pantry! But before you hit the grocery store and risk wasting your hard-earned money, check out these easy tips to save money on groceries…

Look High and Low

Stores generally stock the pricier items on the middle shelves (sneaky!), so take your gaze up and down for cheaper essentials. Now you’ve saved a few bucks and gotten a nice stretch! You’ll never shop the same way again. Oh, and skip the aisle endcaps: Those eye-catching displays encourage impulse spending.

Get Tech Savvy

Track your grocery needs with a digital app like Out of Milk or Pantry Check… or a simple note on your phone! Gone are the days of buying something only to come home and find you already had two in the back of the fridge. Make use of store apps for exclusive coupons and to compare prices. And get ahead of the game by meal planning for the week on your phone, so you’ll know exactly what you need.

Be Store Loyal and Brand Fickle

Big-brand products are often more expensive than generic ones. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up your favorites. Many store-owned private brands offer identical (or nearly identical) food finds at a lower cost. Snack bars, yogurts, soups, salad dressings... Stock up on store-brand staples, and turn to traditional food brands for special treats that can’t be replicated.

Get to Know the Butcher

You’ll often score lower per-pound prices when you hit up the meat counter versus the prepackaged meat section. If you spot a great deal, fill your freezer for future meals. Another tip? Compare prices from the seafood counter and the frozen foods section. A lot of that seemingly fresh fish was previously frozen anyway!

Be Wary of Pre-Prepped Produce

Fruit salad, stir-fry veggies, bagged salads... These products are convenient and can save you time in the kitchen. But if your top concern is downsizing your spending, stick to whole produce and do the chopping yourself. HG tip: Set aside a couple of hours on the weekend to get the prep work out of the way, and make use of food storage containers like these!

Use Frozen and Canned Foods

Frozen and canned produce can be just as nutritious (and is typically more affordable) than fresh fruits and veggies. Freezer finds are usually flash-frozen at peak freshness, meaning they can contain even more nutrients than produce-section counterparts. Plus, there’s little risk of it going bad before you use it. When it comes to canned foods, beans, tomatoes, and tuna are smart staples. Look for BPA-free cans to avoid contaminants.

Stick to a Groceries-Only Policy

You just squeezed the last bit of toothpaste from the tube, but resist the urge to pick up a replacement at the grocery store. Toiletries, paper goods, and cleaning supplies are generally priced higher at the supermarket, which means you sacrifice dollars for convenience. It’s best to buy those in bulk at warehouse club stores or stock up at discount stores. (Of course, magazines are an exception to the groceries-only guideline!)

Become a Bulk Shopper

Sure, those single-serve yogurt cups are convenient, but the giant tubs will save you some money. When it comes to shelf-stable foods and dietary staples, the oversized packages are almost always money-savers in the long run. Think oats, shelf-stable almond milk, frozen veggies, grains, spices... It all adds up. Consider a membership at a store like Costco for extra savings!

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