10 Fall Activities That Burn Calories

Oct 18 2019
Summer’s over, and the winter freeze will be here before we know it. Take advantage of the cool weather with some autumn-appropriate calorie burning!

Fix Up Your Yard

Leaves are going brown… and they're all over the place. Yup, that's fall! Get your yard right and burn some calories in the process…

Rake the Lawn: 135 calories/half hour

Plant Fall Flowers: 135 calories/half hour

Get Outdoorsy

No more hiding out in the air conditioning! Time for an outdoor excursion…

Take a Hike: 150 calories/half hour

Go Fish: 100 calories/half hour

Time to Canoe: 135 calories/half hour

Join the Team

If just plain old exercising bums you out, try joining a recreational team or a league for a sport you enjoy. Can't find one? Start your own! Being part of a team is great for accountability.

Go Bowling (so what if it’s indoors?): 100 calories/half hour

Play Softball: 170 calories/half hour

Miscellaneous Fun

Take in the sights of autumn, or decorate your house with full fall flair!

Pick Some Apples: 90 calories/half hour

Go on a Bike Ride: 135 calories/half hour

Deck the House in Fall Décor: 90 calories/half hour

HG FYI: The figures in this email are estimates for a 150-pound person. To calculate these numbers based on your exact weight, use a fitness calculator like this one by MyFitnessPal!

Chew on this:

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