Amazon Finds for Self-Care at Home

May 29 2020
Need a little extra pampering? Get some serious self-care right at home with these awesome Amazon finds. They’re INSANELY popular and very highly rated… Keep reading to find out why! 

Shampoo Pro Scalp Brush & Massager (2 Pack)

Cost: $9.97
Reviews: 2,000+
Average Rating: 4 1/2 stars

One of the best things about going to the salon? The blissed-out scalp massage! Now you can experience that relaxing feeling at home, thanks to this inexpensive scalp brush. The silicone bristles are long enough to get through thick hair, and they double as detanglers. Bonus: Some pros say scalp massage can encourage new hair growth. Talk about a win-win!

HALLUCI Women’s Cross Band Soft Plush Slippers

Cost: $23.99
Reviews: 4,100+
Average Rating: 4 stars

If you want to feel seriously cozy while you putter around your house, snag a pair of these fuzzy slippers. SO fluffy, SO soft… They even have memory foam insoles AND a waterproof, non-slip sole. That's right, these are slippers that don't slip! Gorgeous and practical, just like you...

LUNA Adult Weighted Blanket (15 lbs.)

Cost: $69.99
Reviews: 5,400+
Average Rating: 4 1/2 stars

If you need a little help feeling grounded and relaxed, a weighted blanket might be just what you need. People with anxiety and insomnia swear by them, and they’re great for anyone who tosses and turns at night. Chill with one on the couch for a nice break, or take it to bed for a more restful night's sleep. Hot tip: The trick to finding the right weight is to select one that's close to 10 percent of your body weight.

Cali White Deluxe Whitening System

Cost: $35.99
Reviews: 4,400+
Average Rating: 4 1/2 stars

Wanna emerge from quarantine with an extra-bright smile? Snag one of these kits, complete with whitening gel, mouth trays, and an LED light that attaches to the trays and shines into your mouth! Bonus: The gel is vegan, organic, and not tested on animals. Just 10 - 30 minutes daily can get you results in as quick as a week. Since most of us are watching a lot more TV lately, this seems like a perfect way to multitask...
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We may receive affiliate compensation from some of these links. Prices and availability are subject to change.

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