Five Essential Kitchen Tools & Accessories on Amazon

Mar 7 2024
With all the kitchen tools, gadgets, and other finds on Amazon, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. That’s why we’re sharing five of Lisa’s essential kitchen tools & accessories! She’ll be demoing all of them tonight during Hungry Girl’s Snacks & Hacks One-Stop Shopping Show on Amazon Live at 5pm PT/8pm ET: Visit to watch!

Brilliant Blender for One!

Magic Bullet Blender Set

This classic find has been a staple in Lisa’s kitchen AND the Hungryland test kitchen for ages. Whether you’re making a smoothie, whipping up a small portion of dip, turning oats into oat flour, or doing any other task that needs a small-but-powerful blender, the Magic Bullet is both up to the job and easy to clean afterward. If you still don’t have one after all this time, let this be your sign to go for it.

Air-Fryer Essential!

Disposable Parchment Air Fryer Liners

These liners pair perfectly with one of Lisa’s favorite gadgets: the air fryer. Liners like these are super affordable and make cleaning the basket extra easy! This set comes with 100 liners, which means 100 rounds of easy cleanup. (If you prefer something reusable that still makes cleanup easy, check out the dishwasher-safe silicone options on the market.)

Coffee-Drink Enhancer!

Electric Milk Frother

There are lots of milk frothers out there (like this handy handheld version), but this tabletop version is Lisa’s everyday favorite. In mere minutes, you can have your milk prepped in one of four ways: hot dense foam, hot fluffy foam, hot milk, and cold foam. If that sounds a lot like “having it all,” you’re not wrong. Bid your favorite barista so long, because you might not see them for a while…

Hungry Girl Gear for Your Kitchen!

Limited Edition Hungry Girl Measuring Spoons

Official Hungry Girl branded measuring spoons? Yes, really! You too can score a set of these limited-run kitchen tools to use at home. We love that the measurement markings are molded into the spoon handles, so you never have to worry about them rubbing off or fading. And each spoon pops off the ring easily, so that you can use what you need without having to tangle with the full set. Plus, how cute are they?

Coffee for One, Coming Right Up…

Keurig K-Classic Coffee Maker

Another longtime favorite, a classic Keurig machine is one of Lisa’s must-haves. Being able to pop a pod into the machine and get coffee right away without having to deal with the grounds is something we need as super-busy people. Amazon also has a ton of K-cup options available, like this variety pack. (Seriously, your barista is gonna need to be let down easy…)

Bonus Find: Descaler Pods! These machine-cleaning pods will make your coffee taste better and prevent clogs in your coffee maker!

Hungry for More?

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Chew on this:

It’s National Cereal Day, March 7th! Add a box of Corn Chex to your Amazon cart before you check out, so you can make some Wonder Crunch Cereal Bars.

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