Food Trends & Happenings We’re Excited for in 2017

Jan 6 2017
Nobody likes to find themselves behind the latest trends. A whole new year of foodie fun is upon us... Get in front of it!

The Instant Pot Craze

In case you haven't heard of this gadget, it's essentially one appliance that functions as a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, warmer, sauté pan, and yogurt maker. It's got a cult following due to its amazing multi-functionality. We hear it can cook steel-cut oats quicker than a stove and produce hard-boiled eggs that are easier to peel than traditional ones! We’re pretty jazzed about experimenting with the Instant Pot. Amazon’s got a good selection!

Seaweed Is the New Kale

Leafy ocean greens are set to take over bigtime. Regular readers know that we've been seaweed fans for a while. Snacks like SeaSnax Chomperz are amazing! And seaweed's trend factor is heating up, with more varieties set to go mainstream. Look for kombu and wakame to become more prevalent. We love Japanese seaweed salad, and we’re intrigued by this instant version!

The Official Hungry Girl Cruise

It's finally the month we've been waiting for... The long-anticipated Official Hungry Girl Cruise finally sets sail on January 28th! We've planned the perfect balance of onboard fun and real-world guidance that will change the way you eat and live. Lisa Lillien (HG herself) will be there the whole time, dishing out her personal tips 'n tricks and partying it up with her closest fans. Plus, there are Caribbean excursions and all the luxuries of a Holland America cruise ship. This is gonna be the trip of a lifetime, and we cannot wait. Join us!!

Artisan Jerky

Have you noticed that jerky is getting fancier and fancier? You're not imagining it! Dried meat snacks have definitely gotten a major upgrade, mostly due to a recent shift away from mass producers. With a lot more small companies getting in the game, we're finding creative and untraditional flavors everywhere. Keep an eye out for Chef's Cut Real Jerky, a fantastic up-and-comer. Honey Barbecue chicken jerky? Heck, yes!

Sous Vide

Don't be scared by the French name! This gadget-y cooking technique is picking up steam (pun intended), and it's a super healthy way to cook. Food is placed in a vacuum-sealed pouch and then cooked in a container filled with water or steam. Like slow-cooker creations, food cooked sous vide style takes a while. But the result is perfectly moist, evenly cooked food with no pesky oil involved. And since the moisture gets locked in, this is a great technique for lean cuts of meat. If you're a gadget-loving foodie, check out your options!

Foods Created from Byproducts

The zero-waste movement is also getting more attention. One way that companies are looking to cut back is to repurpose byproducts. For example, aquafaba, that stuff you drain off your canned chickpeas, is being used in vegan spreads like the kind by Sir Kensington. (We experimented with a mousse recipe made with aquafaba, but it didn't go well!) And General Mills reportedly filed a patent last year to use excess whey from Greek yogurt in soups, snacks, and more. Look for more creative use of byproducts in 2017!

Get In Front of It!

As you may have noticed, our big theme for the first month of 2017 is "Get In Front of It!" It's all about setting yourself up for success and being proactive when it comes to your weight-management goals. We'll be serving up crave-busting slow-cooker creations, time-saving make-ahead recipes, must-read weekend survival strategies, and so much more. Make sure you're subscribed to the daily emails so you don't miss a thing!

Chew on this:

Happy National Oatmeal Month, a.k.a. January. Try something new in the new year: savory oatmeal!

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