7 Genius Ways to Grocery Shop for Success

Feb 17 2017
Don't just hit the supermarket without a plan: Have a strategy in place for your food shopping. This can save you serious cash, calories, and time! You probably already know that you shouldn't shop hungry or attempt to hit the store without a list. But here are seven more tips to revolutionize your grocery game...

Shop Online

Yes, really. Once a luxury, ordering groceries online is now totally accessible for everyday folks. Amazon is perfect for shelf-stable staples: old-fashioned oats, snack bars, etc. And AmazonFresh is a great resource for produce, eggs, meats, and more. Many grocery stores are getting in on delivery and curbside pickup (still a major timesaver). Safeway, Kroger, and Hy-Vee have delivery programs, and Instacart works with a variety of stores (including Whole Foods). Shopping online saves you time and can help you avoid the dreaded impulse purchases of junk food you don't need.

Plan Your Meals in Advance

Let's talk strategy. Figure out what you're going to eat the next few days, and build your grocery list accordingly. Choose meals with overlapping ingredients (use our search bar to find options) to save money and cut down on food waste. Before you leave, check the list and "shop" your fridge and cabinets (Doubling up and buying something you already have is a bummer.)

Timing Is Everything

Make small frequent trips as opposed to massive occasional ones: Only buy what you need for the coming week (or even next few days). Not only will the idea of planning ahead seem like less of a Herculean task, but also your food will be super fresh and you'll minimize food waste. HG tip: If you need something fresh to last you a while, look at the packages stocked toward the back of the shelf. Those will have the furthest-away expiration dates.

Stay Focused

This isn't the time for multi-tasking. When you're grocery shopping, keep your head in the game. Give yourself a time limit; this will help you avoid idle browsing and impulse buys. And ditch distractions! Don't wander around on your cell phone, get caught up in conversations with your significant other, etc. Those distractions can easily cause you to forget certain things.

Embrace the Fish and Meat Counters

The employees here are typically really helpful. They'll butcher specific cuts, weigh out exact portions (so you don't buy more than you need), and offer expertise. For example, they can help you ID cheaper cuts of the meat you love. If you're into steak, go for lean beef sirloin, which is less expensive than filet mignon.

Buy in Bulk

There are two ways you can go about this. One: Shop at big-box stores (like Sam's Club and Costco) to stock up on staples. Shelf-stable and frozen items are prime candidates. Two: At standard supermarkets, hit those bins of grains and nuts. Less packaging means lower costs. Shop for oats, almonds, and more.

Don't Be Shy

When in doubt, ASK. It can't hurt. Trying to track down a tricky-to-find item? Call ahead and ask if the store stocks it instead of running around town. Grocer doesn't carry a product you're looking for? Request it, and they might start. Wondering when produce gets restocked? Ask, and you'll know when those fruits and veggies are freshest. You might also walk away with some useful info you didn't expect, like a hot tip on a new product!

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